Friday, April 26, 2019

Ready for an Adventure?

We had pretty much given up on going to our mountain cabin until late May or early June 
because there was so much snow up there this year. 
We'd heard our area had more than seven feet of snow!!!

What a wonderful surprise when we heard from a cabin neighbor that 
the county road had been plowed and was passable. 

So we planned a day trip to the cabin. 
Although Denver was completely socked in and rainy, 
the roads looked bare and the sky was blue on the mountain cams. 
Rarin' to go!

I couldn't wait to see what the cabin looked like in the snow. 
(Here's the cabin with about three feet of snow).

We hoped we could drive up our old road to the cabin. 
If not in the Jeep, we thought we could shovel a path.

Yes, the road had been plowed 
but the snow and ice had been piled up on each side of the narrow road. 
You can barely see the cabin in the distance. 

We were grateful for Ron's Jeep and new tires 
but we had to park on the county road and hike into the cabin. 
We couldn't carry any of the things we'd packed
as we were trying to stay upright.

The mountains were breathtaking with puffy white clouds and a stunning blue sky. 

Now to make our way to the cabin. 
In the morning, the snow pack was icy and solid, easier to walk on . .. 
except for the few times we fell through the snow past our knees. 
Believe me, it's not easy to climb out the this situation. 
It made me wonder how people ever survive an avalanche. 

Here's one of the waist-high drifts in back of the cabin. 
Good thing we didn't need to visit the out house.

The propane tank was buried too.

But the weather was just perfect -- blue sky, sunny, warm temps, no wind 
which we appreciated since we get some pretty strong winds up there.

Inside, it was cozy and surprisingly warm.
We didn't stay too long, just enough to check the roof and skylight.
No leaks!

On the way out, the snow had softened and we kept falling through it. 
Then we found some wide boards that distributed our weight on the snow
so we could work out way out to the road.

(I saw something similar once on Survivor where they had to build a bridge with two boards)!
That came in handy.

Although it was still pretty wintry at 11,000 feet, we had an exciting adventure.
Still, it's always a little tense, thinking we might get stuck in this remote area.
So I'm fairly sure we'll  wait another two to three weeks before attempting it again. 


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  1. You need to buy some snow shoes and cross country skis!

  2. What an adventure and am so glad everything was okay at the cabin,the view is magnificent. Thank you for the lovely pictures.

  3. Wow, I can't believe there's still so much snow there, holy smokes!! Glad you didn't get stuck...or hurt your back. Falling into the snow like that off a crust can surely give the back a good wrenching!

  4. What a beautiful day and fun adventure. Survivor does give you some good ideas. So glad that you didn't get stuck. Four wheel drive is the way to go.

  5. Thanks for sharing your adventure! How fun!

  6. Was waiting with baited breath for your first visit of the season! Thank You for taking us along. Mother Nature is sooo beautiful!Loved seeing your smiling face inside!

  7. Oh, my, I don't think I could leave it is all so beautiful inside and out!

  8. What an adventure to plow through all that snow! Do take care since it is so remote. Soon it will be safe to visit. Your cabin is cute and cozy.

  9. You two certainly have adventures! Glad it all worked out. Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm. xo Kathleen