Friday, November 1, 2019

Capturing Winter Light

Greetings from the Deep Freeze! I awoke this morning to 10 degrees and 10 inches of snow. 
I admit I stayed in my jammies until around noon 
when I started noticing unusual shadows and highlights in the dining and living rooms.

Winter light can pose challenges as well as creative photographic opportunities. 
The sun is lower in the sky, casting unusual shadows and highlights 
where you didn't notice them before. 

Walking though your house you may notice potential shots
 that were invisible in the harsh light of summer.

This post is not about changing your white balance or stepping down your f-stops 
because I keep it simple with my Canon point and shoot camera. 
You can find some excellent tips online for these more specialized adjustments.

No, today's post is about noticing how things change in the filtered light of winter. 
My number one tip is simply to pay attention to what's around you. 
The winter sun is lower in the sky, creating a softer light, making winter, 
as some experts say, the best season for photography.

Remember how strong summer light created harsh shadows. 
Well, winter light filters the sun, turning those shadows into creative shots.

Winter days are shorter so tip number two is take your outdoor photos during the Magic Hour 
when a golden glow cast a warm tone on your photos.
This is the mountain by our cabin as the sun sinks in the sky.

 Magic Hour is the time just before and after sunrise and sunset. 
Also known as Happy Hour! Well, during sunset that is. LOL

Here's one I didn't know until I read it online . . . batteries don't last as long in cold temperatures 
so have extras on hand or make sure your rechargeable batteries are fully charged. 
That's tip number three.

Taking a photo of an object next to a window can produce a lovely soft, shot.

The main message of this post is simply to be more aware of your surroundings this winter
and you may discover a whole different look to your photos.
I like the contrast of dark and light in this photo.

Roxy certainly is aware of her warm surroundings on these cold winter days. 
She always seems to find a spot of sun. 
And, yes, she likes to keep a small plate close by in case a snack becomes available. 

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