Friday, May 3, 2019

Looking for Some Colorful Inspiration?

Welcome back to my blog. 
Today we're visiting Holland to see the bulbs in bloom.
OK, maybe not Holland but that's what it seemed like.

Actually it's right here in Denver, Colorado.
We're going to the Denver Botanic Gardens to see more than 14,000 bulbs in bloom
winding through 24 acres of this urban oasis.

Ready for some colorful inspiration?
How about these tulips that just go on forever?

I love the reflection in this pond.

Pink and purple is one of my favorite color combinations.

So vibrant!

While the bulbs are breathtaking, there are other blooming plants to admire as well.

Brunnera is one of the plants that blooms in the shade. 

Be still my heart.

Graceful sculptures are sprinkled throughout the gardens
including this beauty in the bamboo garden.

And, if you just want amazing landscaping, visit the Japanese garden.

The gardens are open in the summer from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.
at 1007 York Street in Denver. 
Every month is a different experience.

For a different look of the gardens, you may click on the link below.



  1. I love touring gardens like these they are so pretty and calming,thank you.

  2. Lovely! Thanks for taking us along. The Dallas Arboretum has a yearly event with over 500,000 tulips and other spring flowers. It is an amazing sight. I'll add this to my list should I get to Denver again. Happy Spring!

  3. The gardens are beautiful and you were right that they are an inspiration. Love the Japanese garden. Very calming. Thanks for sharing all that beauty. Can hardly believe that everything is so full of bloom. We don't have that here yet.

  4. Lovely spring flowers! Looking forward to seeing your well designed garden.

  5. Thanks for sharing your visit! I was at the gardens last week and the tulips were indeed spectacular. This is one of the best years ever for tulips in the 303. Happy weekend.

  6. Lovely. I think my blood pressure went down just looking at your lovely pix!