Friday, July 19, 2019

Mountain Cabin Summer Update

We've finally been able to reach our cabin in the mountains. 
The last time we attempted it, there was still lots of snow blocking our road. 
So, now that the snow has melted, we've visited the cabin a couple of times so far this summer.

Everything is so green!

I had purchased a super comfy chair from Habitat for Humanity back in March
and now we could finally moved it from the middle of our guest room floor to the cabin. 
Then I moved all the furniture around until it was cozy and not too crowded.

I think this arrangement works!
What do you think?

Here's a "before" picture of this tiny space on the day I bought the cabin..
It's come a long way. I think it doesn't even look like the same room.

My main objective in the cabin was to have a comfortable space.
For those of you who don't know, this cabin is only about 350 square feet!

One more thing I added was a thick area rug to soften the tile floor. 
Roxy is happy to have her favorite green chair back. 

I'd found an old galvanized bucket under the back deck of the cabin 
and thought it would make a cool battery-powered chandelier. 
Ron took the project on and I just love it. It looks especially pretty at night.

In keeping with our Rustic Western theme, we had fun decorating with
 old snowshoes (above) and this incredible elk antler we hung over the bed.

A few sweet items in the bedroom. Don't you love the little western vest?

Some old lanterns look perfect atop our cast iron stove.

There's an interesting story here . . . I was standing on a ladder trying to hang a lantern from
a beam when I couldn't quite reach the nail. I put one leg on the stove and one on the ladder
and wham! The ladder went out from under me and I went sailing onto the tile floor. Ouch!
Just a few bruises and some pain but all is well now Won't do that again!

We replaced the long table top that had been under the front windows with a shorter top
that fits perfectly as an end table next to the loveseat. I added a few western items
like this 1920's calendar, some dried grasses and feathers, and a deer antler.

Last year when the cabin was broken into, the burglar shredded our magnetic door screen.
We hung a new and improved one guaranteed to keep the hummingbirds from flying into the cabin!

And when all the decorating is done (is it ever?), 
we retreat to the secluded back deck with this amazing view. 

More projects next time. 
Stop by for a visit!
I hope you're having a wonderful summer.


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