Friday, September 18, 2015

Fall -- a Time for Inner Reflection

It's hard to believe Autumn officially begins this month. 
In some ways, I'm ready for cooler weather and 
the gorgeous colors Colorado is famous for. 
Still I wonder where summer went this year.

At a mile high, we can have some extreme weather in Denver 
and this year was no exception. 
First an early freeze nipped a lot of our tree buds 
resulting in no fruit or dead trees. 
We lost the ornamental plum in our front yard 
but now I have more sun for my garden.

It's definitely been a crazy year of weird weather in Colorado. 
Torrential rains flooded our basement.
Then, hotter-than-usual weather fried my flowers, 
especially those in pots, requiring twice-a-day-watering.

We'll still have some lovely warm weather 
but Fall is definitely in the air, especially at night 
when an extra blanket is starting to feel pretty good. 

Fall is quietly tapping on the door 
and I want to bring a little autumnal glory into the house. 

Don't these old Native American game sticks 
look beautiful with some Fall foliage?

Some twinkly lights, a few red berries and an etched gourd 
from New Mexico 
add a bit of autumn sparkle in my sunroom.

For me, Fall is a time to begin a period of inner reflection. 
I'm more likely to do this now than New Year's when 
most people review the past year and make plans for the next. 
Maybe it's the soft muted colors of autumn that calm my mind 
and help me put things in perspective. 

It's this time of year when our thoughts turn from our gardens 
back to our homes and to getting reacquainted with our treasures. 

I just polished this old silver pot and 
found I actually enjoyed it. 
Maybe I'm watching too much Downton Abbey!

The tallow berries, ironstone sugar bowl and candlesticks 
are a quiet autumn statement that tells me it's time 
to put the garden to bed and curl up in a comfy chair with 
a cup of tea and a good book.


  1. Beautiful fall touches and stunning scenery too! Talk about constant inspiration when you look out your window. Wow! Your ironstone - tallow berry vignette is just adorable! I have never seen tallow berries before, they beautiful! I wish they were native to the midwest for me!

  2. Very pretty vignettes! I live not too far from the Rocky Mountains as well.

  3. Pat,
    "Mr. Ed" and I put our Gardens here on the Prairie "to bed" on the last day of Summer!!!
    Watching Downton Abbey does have its way of making one more aware of the tasks of polishing silver!!!
    I enjoy that task, as well!!! Nothing like the transformation of tarnish to sparkling!!!
    The photo of your silver is what drew me to your post!!!
    Thank you for sharing and inspiring!!!

  4. Beautiful touches of fall! Hubby and I spent a week in Breckenridge, CO in June and it reminded me a lot of UT. Gorgeous mountains! I love the transition of fall and putting my garden to rest. Been so nice here lately that my pots are thriving and I will enjoy them till the first frost. Lots of cutting back in the garden beds to lesson the work in the Spring. I love your silver pitcher! I've never really owned much silver, but just bought a container of gorgeous silver pieces at a thrift. I bought cleaner and had fun making them shine. I enjoyed it as well. Thanks so much for sharing with Share Your Cup.

  5. Hi Pat, just hopping back to let you know that I will be featuring you at SYC today.

  6. oh my goodness that yellow mountain field is just gorgeous! We have had some strange weather here in the Boston area as well. Last year we had astonishing amounts of snow...even for this area. I love your fall scenes. It is my favorite season.

  7. I love the vignette with the Tallow berries. So pretty. I wish I could find some of those around here. They are perfect for a neutral fall scheme. Hopping over from Jann's place.