Friday, September 7, 2018

Scary News: Our Cabin Wrecked!

Oh, where do I start?
I've been so upset, I've given myself some time to calm down before attempting this post.
Our lovely little cabin was vandalized!
Was it a bear or a human?

At first we thought it was the bear that has been visiting our neighbors.
He's a handsome fellow isn't he?

But the more we examined the evidence, the more we began to think it was a vandal, 
probably looking for money or valuables. Not going to find either in this cabin.

A thoughtful neighbor noticed our back door had been broken into in our absence and 
quickly boarded it up for us, then called us to let us know. Thank God for nice neighbors!

I was just heartbroken when I saw the huge mess the vandal had made.
It was much worse than I was expecting.

Here's the back door, smashed to smithereens. 
It sure looked like a hungry bear was the guilty party.
But we didn't have any food in the cabin.

Those of you who have experienced a burglary must know how I felt. I wanted to cry. 
We'd been working so hard to make this little cabin our own 
and now it was a total mess. I was so angry. 

The bedroom was trashed but the only thing broken was an oil lamp globe. Everything was tossed about, drawers pulled out and dumped upside down as if someone was looking for money.
It seemed unlikely a bear would do this.

Even a latched tool box had been opened and dumped (not easy to do without a thumb!). 

Outside we found a glass wine bottle that had been smashed against a tree and another tool box dumped. Looking more and more like vandalism or an attempted burglary.

The Parks and Wildlife guy came out and checked for signs of a bear but didn't find any
(claw marks, hair, poo, etc.). We then contacted the sheriff and reported the incident. 

I set about cleaning up the mess, sweeping up broken glass everywhere, making the bed, 
putting drawers and cabinets back together. 
As I worked I noticed the damage was just superficial, nothing too serious.
It could have been much worse but I still felt creepy. 
Ironically, the only thing missing was a canister of bear spray!

Since this happened, we've heard from another neighbor who found their door window broken 
by a rock. We also discovered a baseball-sized rock by our back door. 

I'm still working through my anger and sadness. 
For several days, I was so discouraged I didn't even want to go back to the cabin. 
But now I'm ready to return, replace our broken door and enjoy the mountains 
as the leaves begin to change and the high country welcomes Fall.

I won't be staying overnight there alone again though. 

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  1. Oh my word, this is so sad, what a mess. I am so sorry some people are such creeps. Glad it wasn't totally destroyed.

  2. How awful, friend! My home was burglarized many years ago and I can still feel the sick pit in my stomach when I got the call from the police (I was at work at the time). It was very creepy to think that someone was rifling through my things. TV's, stereos and credit cards were stolen. So glad you did not have anything valuable taken. Hope you can truly enjoy the beautiful fall ahead. Best to you, Kathleen

  3. I'm so sad and sorry for you, Pat. This is such a violation of what should have been a peaceful place for you. Did the local sheriff say that breskins are on the rise there? It may be that there are some vagrants nearby. I know that has been a problem in some areas with illegal campers in the national forests. 5280 Magazine had an article about it awhile ago. I hope you can put the cabin back together and get some sc ort of secuity system. Did the sheriff have any advice on that? I hope this was just a sad isolated incident and that nothing like this will ever happen again. Your cabinn is so beautiful!

  4. Oh I'm so sorry! That just stinks!! I wouldn't stay there alone either.

    We have friends who had a cabin here in Texas. They had cameras in their cabin and recorded several guys coming in and hanging out on more than one occasion. I don't think they ever wrecked the place but it's such an invasion of your personal space.

    It's very unsettling.

  5. I am so sorry this happened to you. I love your cabin and I've been following your cabin posts with much interest.

  6. So sorry you were victimized. Hopefully it will be the only time it happens. Vacant cabins must be too enticing for inebriated cretins. Stay safe.

  7. This makes me so sad to read this. I enjoy reading about your little cabin & often even read it to my husband. We live in such a sad world with no respect for anything. When you stay again, alone or not, make sure you have some protection. Blessings..

  8. That is awful. I am so sorry that you were broken in to. Some lousy excuse for a human that wants to steal and not work for a living. Sad to say it is not safe to stay by yourself. You could always get some sort of protection for yourself but that may not be safe either. Take care my friend.

  9. Oh my, I'm so sorry to read this. I wouldn't want to stay by myself either, but I'm glad you enjoy the time that you did.

    Love, hugs & prayers ~ FlowerLady

  10. I am so sorry to read about this happening to you. There are so many mean people out there. Thank goodness there are more good people, at least I believe that.hugs,

  11. I’m so sorry that happened to you! I cannot even imagine how mad I would be.

  12. I'm so sorry someone did this to you! I've so enjoyed your blog with the joy you have experienced fixing up the cabin. Please take precautions. If you can set up cameras, please do so. What a shame!!

  13. Hopefully they will never come back knowing you keep nothing there. It does make you mad but don't let the misery of someone make you miserable. Maybe practise shooting your gun so it can be heard and,just be more careful and enjoy the time you spend up there. I'm sure the leaves are changing and it will be beautiful at the cabin.

  14. Hello Pat. I'm sorry about what happened in this cabin that so delights you. Lately I have not commented much on many tasks I had, but I have been seeing how you are improving day by day and what excites you. I love the cabins, I find them very cozy.
    Well, I hope you forget it and your task is to put it back as beautiful as it was.
    A hug, Dolores

  15. I know all too well the violation of security that a break in brings. It will take some time for you to see the cabin in the same way, with its romance and peaceful solitude. So glad you weren't there!!

  16. How awful. . . I have so enjoyed reading about your special little cabin. As sickening as this episode was, don’t let it spoil things for you. Enjoy the beauty of the autumn season up there, but please promise us that you won’t stay there by yourself. I wish you peace.

  17. That's just terrible, but one of the pitfalls of an unoccupied home. Have you thought about putting steel doors on the cabin? Might slow them down... hang in there....

  18. How disheartening and very sorry. Have enjoyed your efforts in fixing up the
    cabin and hope you will continue and be strong.

  19. I am so sorry for you! How terrible people can be sometimes. Glad they didn't come around when you were there by yourself.

  20. I’m so sorry you had to go through this with your darling cabin. I’ve been enjoying your adventures with it. Can you replace the door with either a steel door or a heavy wood door with a smaller window or just a peep hole? You might want to think about shutters for your windows when your gone, so they can be closed and locked. I’m so relieved you weren’t there by yourself!

  21. Heartbreaking! Glad the damage was minimal. I'm sure you will take every precaution going forward. Years ago my husband's car was stolen and later the police found it completely trashed. Hard to believe but even in the city we aren't "safe". Take care.

  22. Terrible news! So Sorry that had happened to you , I thinking that you would have felt more at ease if it were a bear I know I would then you could take the proper precautions but a burglar must make you feel worse and not so trusting Its good that you will not stay alone there would not hurt to get pepper spray or what ever ammo you feel comfortable with and be sure to have a phone always charged and handy im thinking it was someone in that area that you are not aware of Well don't let this episode deteriorate your cabin dreams just prepare your cabin better Lisa@ Sweet Tea N' Salty Air

  23. I am so sorry that your cabin was vandalized! The worse damage is the damage to your heart and sense of well being. I hope that you can heal over time! Big hugs to you. Xo

  24. Pat,
    I am so sorry to hear about your cabin break-in. My house has been burglarized twice, both times years ago. I felt so violated. I even threw away my toothbrush by my bathroom sink because whoever it was took things from the counter. Good idea not to be there by yourself again. You don't say what kind of door you plan to use to replace the broken one, but I would suggest one without a window and metal if possible. Install deadbolt locks. One of the times my house was broken into, the thieves broke through the wooden French doors by kicking them in until they broke the wood.

    Hang in there.


  25. Good on you for being able to pick up the pieces so stoically. Time will continue to work its magic.

  26. Hey Sister, I am so saddened by the break in. I am thankful that you were not there when this happened. You have worked so hard to make it so cozy and inviting. Please take care when you are there. I hope since they didn't find anything of value to them they won't come back. Be careful and watchful for any one lurking around that just does not seem to belong. I know that you will have it fixed back up in no time and I sure understand your anger. love to you.

  27. I am glad that you have decided to not spend the night up there alone again, but it should not have to be that way. Before we purchased our little acre of land and country cottage we lived on the edge of town in a tight community. Then one day there was a shooting (gang related) near our community mailbox and at the time of day that I usually walked the dog and stopped to get the mail. From that day forward I never had a safe feeling again and stopped walking the dog. We had lived there 33 years. I encourage you to not give up, but also to not stay there alone. I hate stories of people working and saving to make their dreams come true and then someone who would rather steal than work comes along and steals and vandalizes from them. My heart goes out to you.
    God bless you,
    Connie :)

  28. I'm sorry to say I too know this awful feeling. They came in right through our front door....used a crow hammer to knock the lock off....went through everything!!! Even the unwrapped Christmas gifts under the tree. Stole my husband's childhood rifle...that was the worst part for him. It took a long time for me to feel comfortable (alone) in own home. At that time, our kids didn't want to live here anymore....they wanted to go to G'ma! I didn't blame them. They steal much more than material things with this horrible act. My sympathies!!

  29. I hate this for you, Pat, but am very thankful you were not there. What a violation of person and property! So sorry you have to experience this at your new place of what is supposed to be your sanctuary.

  30. Oh how awful, I'm so sorry for you!!!! That's terrible, people are so cruel. I'm glad you weren't there and nobody was hurt, but it sure would put a damper on your sense of peace and tranquility.

  31. Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm:) xo Kathleen|Our Hopeful Home

  32. I'm so sorry this happened to your sweet cabin. :(