Friday, July 19, 2019

Mountain Cabin Summer Update

We've finally been able to reach our cabin in the mountains. 
The last time we attempted it, there was still lots of snow blocking our road. 
So, now that the snow has melted, we've visited the cabin a couple of times so far this summer.

Everything is so green!

I had purchased a super comfy chair from Habitat for Humanity back in March
and now we could finally moved it from the middle of our guest room floor to the cabin. 
Then I moved all the furniture around until it was cozy and not too crowded.

I think this arrangement works!
What do you think?

Here's a "before" picture of this tiny space on the day I bought the cabin..
It's come a long way. I think it doesn't even look like the same room.

My main objective in the cabin was to have a comfortable space.
For those of you who don't know, this cabin is only about 350 square feet!

One more thing I added was a thick area rug to soften the tile floor. 
Roxy is happy to have her favorite green chair back. 

I'd found an old galvanized bucket under the back deck of the cabin 
and thought it would make a cool battery-powered chandelier. 
Ron took the project on and I just love it. It looks especially pretty at night.

In keeping with our Rustic Western theme, we had fun decorating with
 old snowshoes (above) and this incredible elk antler we hung over the bed.

A few sweet items in the bedroom. Don't you love the little western vest?

Some old lanterns look perfect atop our cast iron stove.

There's an interesting story here . . . I was standing on a ladder trying to hang a lantern from
a beam when I couldn't quite reach the nail. I put one leg on the stove and one on the ladder
and wham! The ladder went out from under me and I went sailing onto the tile floor. Ouch!
Just a few bruises and some pain but all is well now Won't do that again!

We replaced the long table top that had been under the front windows with a shorter top
that fits perfectly as an end table next to the loveseat. I added a few western items
like this 1920's calendar, some dried grasses and feathers, and a deer antler.

Last year when the cabin was broken into, the burglar shredded our magnetic door screen.
We hung a new and improved one guaranteed to keep the hummingbirds from flying into the cabin!

And when all the decorating is done (is it ever?), 
we retreat to the secluded back deck with this amazing view. 

More projects next time. 
Stop by for a visit!
I hope you're having a wonderful summer.


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Friday, June 28, 2019

Downton Abbey Comes Alive

Are you a big fan of Downton Abbey like me?
You wouldn't think the small steel town of Pueblo, Colorado 
would be the home of a magnificent mansion reminiscent of the PBS series. 

But after driving about two hours south of Denver, 
we toured this gorgeous home called Rosemount
and many of the features like the pantry, third-floor rooms, and grand entry
reminded me of my favorite show. 

The lady of the house loved roses and the house perched atop a hill, thus the name. 

Referred to as Colorado's Crown Jewel, the house is fitted with a communication system 
similar to the one on Downton Abbey. 
But instead of bells ringing in the servant's quarters to different rooms in the house, 
Rosemount used a system of speaking into a tube from various rooms. 

Built in 1891 by successful merchant and banker John Thatcher, 
its 24,000 square feet was constructed in the Richardsonian Romanesque style. 
It cost approximately $100,000 to build, an enormous sum in those days 
when many homes were adobe and the streets were not paved.

I especially loved all the intricate woodwork, the hand-painted ceilings, 
and the huge stained-glass windows shipped from New York.
Unfortunately we were not allowed to take photos inside the house. 

Nearly all of the fascinating furnishings are original to the house. 
Thankfully, the family didn't throw anything away. 

Definitely worth a visit if you're in the area. 

Psst. In case you haven't heard, a Downton Abbey movie is set 
to be released this September with the original cast. Can't wait!


Friday, June 7, 2019

Happy Summer and a Decision

Hi Friends! Happy Summer!

After a catastrophic hail storm here in Denver, summer has finally arrived. 
And wouldn't you know, the hail hit right after I planted my annuals. 
My roof is totaled and so are my annuals. Hopefully, they'll come back in time. 

So, I've made a decision about my blog. 
I'm going to take a partial break this summer and post once or twice a month 
instead of once a week. 

After the snow melts at our rustic mountain cabin and we can navigate the road,  
I'll probably write about summer at the cabin.
I imagine there will be lots of wildflowers poking up through all that snow.

We have quite a to-do list! 
And also lots of snow to melt!

Meanwhile, there are lots of posts archived on my blog for you 
to re-visit or maybe enjoy for the first time. 

Enjoy the long days of summer. 

Love and hugs, Pat


Friday, May 31, 2019

Hunting and Gathering -- Find of the Month #4

Welcome back to my new feature, Hunting and Gathering - Find of the Month 
where I share a new treasure recently found.

Today I'm sharing an unusual find -- a beautiful little enamel candle holder.

Purchased at one of my favorite antique malls, Sweet William, in Colorado Springs,
this unusual candle holder is eight inches high with a saucer at the base to catch melting wax. 

There's also a glass slit in the stem of the candle holder; 
I'm assuming it's so you can see how much of the candle remains.

I love the faded gray painting of a vine
overlaid on the worn white enamel. 

The candle holder certainly adds an elegant feeling to the dining table.
I'm sure this candle holder has supported years and years of candles,
as evidenced by the wear and chips in the black rim of the saucer.

I know I'll get a lot of use out of it. 

I had some fun with my camera with this photo.
When I blew out the candle's flame, the smoke swirled up in the room,
resembling a ghostly presence.

How cool is that?

If you know anything else about this piece,
I'd love to hear from you as I can't find anything online about it.

Whether I learn that it's a rare find or a modern reproduction,
I just love it.
Isn't that what counts?

Thanks for stopping by.


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Friday, May 24, 2019

Stand by Me

It's been driving me crazy trying to find the perfect spot for this 
little red three-tiered stand that I purchased at least twenty years ago.

I'm not really sure what it was used for but I like to imagine it holding
beautiful wine decanters, sparkling glasses and fancy hors d'oevures
in a penthouse, of course.

I also admit I bought it because it was red!
And I admired the Bakelite handles and chrome trim. 

Moving it here. Trying it there. 
I think it's been in every room in my house. 

Now I'm pleased to report I finally found its forever home.
It has settled in next to my red leather chair and ottoman in my office. 

With a small lamp on the top shelf, it's a perfect quiet spot for reading. 

I untied the sheers on the tall windows to soften the light. 

And recently my lovely neighbor gave me this chippy column.
(We both grabbed a column when a house was being demoed.
Now I have a matching pair!)

I love accessorizing the table with some vintage finds like this metal lotion holder. 
The bottles are triangular-shaped so all three fit together perfectly. 

This vintage compact beautifully complements the lotion holder. 
I can still smell traces of the powder inside
reminding me of my mother. 

In the middle row are old black and white family photos in art deco frames.

And the bottom shelf holds inspirational books and a vintage silver alarm clock. 

Ahh, it's good to be home. 


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Friday, May 17, 2019

Escape to a French Garden

Like many parts of the country, we are finally getting some warm, dry weather.
Lilac bushes are blooming, flowers are popping,
 and we've brought the patio cushions outside to relax.

Please take a moment from your busy day and escape to my French garden. 

I'm drawn to this little corner of my garden
where I can dream and plan my next step in the garden. 

This salvaged brick path winds through the garden,
beckoning me to enter "Cafe Bleu." 

Come on in and join me.
Cafe Bleu is open.

We all crave a bit of solitude, don't you think?

Even though we live in a densely populated area of Denver,
this garden feels like I'm in Provence, a private place to read or watch the birds at the feeder. 

 I found this metal pitcher at a garage sale for a dollar!
Originally dark green, I spray painted it white and added some cheery yellow flowers. 

The French tablecloth pulls the yellow and blue pallet together. 

I found these blue seat cushions at WalMart. 
They are a perfect match to the blue in the tablecloth.

My eyes are drawn to the basket of my vintage blue bicycle
overflowing with artificial flowers. 
(I don't think I can kill these ones!)

Roxy enjoys exploring the Cafe Bleu garden too.

A' bientot (see you soon) and keep on dreamin'.


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Friday, May 10, 2019

Why it's OK to Fake It

Hello Friends!
Today, let's talk about "faking it."
Yes, it's OK to "fake it!"
Hey, I'm talking about indoor plants.

Don't be afraid to use dried or artificial plants in your home.
Today, artificial plants look real and 
some dried flowers are even prettier dead than they were alive,
especially a bunch of roses.

Don't have a green thumb?
Faux greenery can go anywhere -- dark rooms, can't remember to water, have allergies?
No worries.

During the occasional spring snowstorm when I can't play in the garden,
I find pleasure in my indoor plants.
Yes, most of them are dried or artificial,
but they sure do last a long time like these delicate white larkspur. 

I like to use mostly white flowers throughout the house for a consistent look.
Plop them into an ironstone vessel for a farmhouse feel.
And they're no-maintenance!

You can dry your own plants by tying them in a bunch and hanging them upside down until dry
or hit the hobby stores for a variety of artificial flowers and stems. 

I think dried flowers add a bit of romantic intrigue to your decor.
Maybe it's remembering who gave them to you or perhaps where you purchased them 
that evokes lovely memories.

Dried roses or hydrangeas seem especially evocative.

So remember, sometimes, it's OK to fake it!


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Friday, May 3, 2019

Looking for Some Colorful Inspiration?

Welcome back to my blog. 
Today we're visiting Holland to see the bulbs in bloom.
OK, maybe not Holland but that's what it seemed like.

Actually it's right here in Denver, Colorado.
We're going to the Denver Botanic Gardens to see more than 14,000 bulbs in bloom
winding through 24 acres of this urban oasis.

Ready for some colorful inspiration?
How about these tulips that just go on forever?

I love the reflection in this pond.

Pink and purple is one of my favorite color combinations.

So vibrant!

While the bulbs are breathtaking, there are other blooming plants to admire as well.

Brunnera is one of the plants that blooms in the shade. 

Be still my heart.

Graceful sculptures are sprinkled throughout the gardens
including this beauty in the bamboo garden.

And, if you just want amazing landscaping, visit the Japanese garden.

The gardens are open in the summer from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.
at 1007 York Street in Denver. 
Every month is a different experience.

For a different look of the gardens, you may click on the link below.