Friday, May 10, 2019

Why it's OK to Fake It

Hello Friends!
Today, let's talk about "faking it."
Yes, it's OK to "fake it!"
Hey, I'm talking about indoor plants.

Don't be afraid to use dried or artificial plants in your home.
Today, artificial plants look real and 
some dried flowers are even prettier dead than they were alive,
especially a bunch of roses.

Don't have a green thumb?
Faux greenery can go anywhere -- dark rooms, can't remember to water, have allergies?
No worries.

During the occasional spring snowstorm when I can't play in the garden,
I find pleasure in my indoor plants.
Yes, most of them are dried or artificial,
but they sure do last a long time like these delicate white larkspur. 

I like to use mostly white flowers throughout the house for a consistent look.
Plop them into an ironstone vessel for a farmhouse feel.
And they're no-maintenance!

You can dry your own plants by tying them in a bunch and hanging them upside down until dry
or hit the hobby stores for a variety of artificial flowers and stems. 

I think dried flowers add a bit of romantic intrigue to your decor.
Maybe it's remembering who gave them to you or perhaps where you purchased them 
that evokes lovely memories.

Dried roses or hydrangeas seem especially evocative.

So remember, sometimes, it's OK to fake it!


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  1. I agree, i dry a lot of my flowers. I love all your bouquets and don't really care if real or not they certainly do add to your decor. Have a wonderfully Happy Mother's Day.

  2. Over 20 years ago my family called me Martha Stewart lol because I was obsessed with drying roses. Years later I started drying hydrangeas. I believe we have over 30 hydrangea bushes now:) I totally agree -- faux plants have gotten so much more real. Love your white theme. xo Kathleen

  3. Absolutely! And you forgot the cost -- fresh flowers on a weekly basis are definitely more expensive than quality faux flowers. Even with my perennial garden, I don't have blooming flowers each week.

  4. I love this! For years, I didn't want to use "fake" flowers. My daughter could never understand that, because she always loved them so much, and her grandma always had them. But the fake ones are so realistic and beautiful now, and I have been planning to go and get some to brighten up our home. Thanks so much for sharing at Thursday Favorite Things!