Friday, March 8, 2019

Trek to our Mountain Log Cabin

Trek seems to be the right word for this trip.
It connotes an adventure, an arduous journey, a dangerous undertaking. 

Yep, that pretty much sums it up.
Okay, I guess we have to delete arduous and dangerous but other than that, it was an adventure. 

We'd been longing to visit our rustic mountain log cabin that we bought this past year
and had been wanting to see it again.

We'd been collecting things here and there we thought would be nice in the cabin
like old snowshoes, pillows (that I made, ahem!), wildlife mugs, and a super-comfy chair.
I'm eager to get up there and decorate!

And we thought "wouldn't it be beautiful in all that snow?"

However, we knew the Colorado Rockies had been having a banner snow year and that we 
probably would not be able to get up the narrow unpaved, unmaintained road at 11,000 feet. 

Still we decided to head up into the mountains, just to see how far we could get. 
It would be a pretty drive if nothing else. 

It was fairly passable up the rough county road 
until we reached the "No Winter Maintenance" sign.
The only tracks we saw beyond this sign were snowmobile tracks. 

Although we only had about five miles to go to the cabin, 
we decided not to be too adventurous (foolish?) 
and turned around at the first wide spot in the road. 

I don't like turning around on this road in the middle of summer 
let alone when there's a foot of snow on the road that drops off steeply on one side. 

So we headed for nearby Fairplay to check out the pioneer museum in the snow. 
It was definitely worth the detour.

You can read more about Fairplay by clicking HERE.

Yes, we had a beautiful drive in the snow-covered mountains but we soon realized
we probably wouldn't make it in to the cabin until April or May. 

That little cabin has been standing for a hundred years so I guess it's not going anywhere. 



  1. What an adventure! Love that little ghost town so much to see. Next time you may want to have some snowmobiles or ATVs in tow that just might be fun!

  2. H ow beautiful everything looks. I don't think I would want to turn around on that road either.
    The new old chair looks like a good place to curl up with a good book. The white bark on the trees look so rugged. I am so glad that you are enjoying fixing up the cabin. Looks good now and will only get better when you can get back up there.

  3. One more month and you can trek up the mountain again. The chair is nice and cozy. And FairPlay is awesome so the trip was not all lost.

  4. Well at least you had a nice adventure for the day and it was so pretty. Can't wait to see how the cabin looks and the changes you will make.

  5. Beautiful pictures. Hopefully Mother nature will give you some warmer snow melting temps to let you get up there sooner. I have my fingers crossed for ya!

  6. Wow you guys are adventurous! It sounds like a lot of fun even if you didn't make it up there this time. Can't wait until you get back there. Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm. xo Kathleen