Friday, March 29, 2019

The Storm Before the Calm!

This is a "BEFORE" post. I hope you'll come back in a month or so to see the "AFTER" photos. 
I know it's barren now but I invite you to use your imagination to see lots of flowers.


After a "historic" snowstorm in Denver, the sun came out and melted all that snow, 
making the grass greener than usual with bulbs popping up everywhere like this Siberian Iris. 

Yep, I have spring fever and I've got the sore muscles to prove it.

These tiny Squill bulbs are one my early favorites. 

Before I can do anything fun in the garden, 
I'm taking advantage of our 70 degree weather to do some garden clean up.
First, I have to rake up all the wet leaves and dead plants and bag them for garbage pickup.

We decided to remove a sand cherry that had messy berries and suckers throughout the garden.
It was a job but will be worth it when I plant this area.

Thanks to Ron for tackling this monster root.

Beginner's Tip:  It's a good idea to cut down your ornamental grasses and lavender stems 
to make room for new growth. 

This little tool makes quick work of trimming grasses and it's fun to use.

One of the first things I like to do in the spring is re-imagine my small patio.
At one end of my patio is a vintage fireplace grate that will hold red geraniums, 
some taller plants in the pots and flowers in the galvanized tub.

Watch out for my little photo bomber!

I picture the metal structure wrapped in battery-powered twinkly lights.

You know in Paris how they have tall planter boxes on the sidewalk to define the cafes?
I'm going to try something like a bench lined with lanterns and flickering candles. 
Or maybe I'll ad a small arborvitae in a big clay pot or a flower stand.

Oh no, now they're saying we're going to get snow this weekend.
That's Colorado for you.


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  1. Sounds good! Does your city offer composting services? Most cities do. We compost ours at home and put it back in the gardens. Free soil builders!

  2. We were buried in snow last weekend, but had a couple of warmer days this week so HOPEFULLY I can get out and start cutting back/clearing out some of the garden beds - fingers crossed! Can't wait to see this little sweet garden as things warm up!

  3. I always wait till after Easter cause we always have a cold spell come through.Like you i was out looking and seeing some signs of flowers pop up and i am certainly ready. Your flowers were pretty especially that big white one with the cute face,lol!

  4. I laughed at the last pic----I looked at my yard (chicagoland) and picked up branches and dead wood---but left all the leaves and debris yet, as insulation. I just don't trust our weather either----I am going to get one of those cutters, which will certainly beat all the hand pulling and clipping on grasses, lilies, chives---and a few more I can't think of. Hope you have Spring soon!

  5. Hey Sister, What a neat post this week. I can't get over how different the yard looks without that tree. I wish that I had some of my messy garden stuff cleaned up like you do. It has just been too damp and cold here to even try. I even like the last pic with the snow covering everything. We know that it can't last too much longer. Or is that wishful thinking?

  6. You have a a big garden!
    We were able to pick up all the deer and rabbit droppings before this last snowfall. Thankfully this last snow melted quickly--all day today it was drip-drip-drip off our roof! As we know, we can get snow till the end of May in the Denver area so I wait to plant.

  7. Love the yard decor covered in snow. So beautiful.

  8. Thanks for the very informative blog.

  9. Oh, that last picture is so telling. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm. xo Kathleen

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