Friday, April 13, 2018

A Cozy Change of Scene in the Office

I shuffled into the sunroom this morning to find it snowing outside.
A heavy wet spring snowstorm is not uncommon in Colorado but it's hard to believe 
after yesterday when it was warm enough to tidy the winter garden in T-shirts.

As I stood by the sunroom window, watching the drifting snow suddenly transform into
a horizontal storm, I felt lucky to be indoors where it was warm and cozy. 
And then, I had a thought.

Why not bring my laptop in here, turn on the little gas stove, and move my office for the day?

Setting up at my old farm table, I could look out the windows while working. 
Why didn't I do this sooner?
Isn't it interesting how we view things so differently depending on what we're looking at,
as if seeing through different eyes.

The warmth of the stove felt wonderful on my back as I checked e-mails.

I was excited when I saw several from Realtor Phil. I zeroed in on one cabin that sounded promising so I replied, asking it we could take a look at it. 
If you haven't heard, I'm on a quest to find a rustic mountain cabin,
a getaway from the ever-expanding city. If you missed that post, you can read about it HERE.

Something like this would be perfect!

Once the idea of a cabin became a real possibility, I began envisioning how I'd decorate it. 
Seems like everything I see would look nice in the cabin.
And then there's all the stuff currently stored in the attic 
like my Dad's old rocking chair and some beautiful elk antlers.

At an antique mall I recently found the perfect red plaid throw I'd been looking for, 
a cozy accent to my red farm table. The table and blanket both might make their way to the cabin. 

During my "southwestern" phase years ago, I collected tiny cowboy boots.
I probably have about 30 pairs!
Packed away for years, wouldn't they look cute on a shelf in the cabin?

A vintage Indian print blanket will look nice in the cabin someday too. 
For now, it adds warmth to this green velvet chair. 

This room is always cozy and my thoughts often turn to dreams of my cabin in the mountains. Imagine looking out the window as a majestic elk walks slowly by. 
Here, I'm more likely to see a finch, a nuthatch, a chickadee or a dove visiting my bird feeder. 
Such a lovely distraction. 

Yesterday, we saw a large hawk chase our little birds through the yard, 
It was a thrill as we were sitting on the patio and had front row seats to the chase. 
Happy to report, all little birds escaped unharmed and the hawk continued on his way. 

So, it appears my office assistant thinks we're working way too hard
and has decided it's past nap time.
The first of many naps to come today in one of her many beds.

The snow has slowed down now, leaving a white dusting on the lawn and spring flowers.
This much-needed moisture will be good for the garden and will help green up the grass.

But for now, it's time for a cup of tea and more daydreams. 
Pull up a chair and let's look for mountain cabin ideas on Pinterest. 

Cabin Quest Update:
We went to the mountains this week to see the little cabin mentioned above.
The cabin was perfect -- 365 square feet and adorable.
Sadly, there was another house right next to it that didn't show in the listing photos.
Kind of defeats the whole purpose of a getaway, don't you think?
I'm glad we saw it though. With each viewing, we refine our wish list.


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  1. You found the perfect place to dream about your cabin,cozy and warm, with lots of light and a nice view. It does help to look at all the different features i'm sure you might see something you really like.Happy hunting and a great weekend.

  2. The pictures never show you the drawbacks, it would save so much time if you could see a few views of the surrounding area. But then again, taking a nice drive into the country is a relaxing way to spend a day too.

  3. Love the idea of lining up the boot collection on a shelf. Just might round up our boots and vintage cowboy hats and line them up here. We're in the process of weeding things out, but I will hold on to all the boots and hats and let dishes go. Why be practical?

  4. Your ideas for the cabin to be are great. I can just see everything already in place. That little cabin is so neat looking. It's just a shame that there are neighbors. Good luck in your hunt. Keep me posted.

  5. That little cabin is adorable. I hate it when the reality doesn't match the dream. The right cabin will come along for you I'm sure. Your view from your sunroom is lovely. Thank you for sharing at Snickerdoodle.