Saturday, April 28, 2018

After the Rain

A late Spring shower is a bath for our senses.
It doesn't rain here often so the sound of rain is magical.

Like a hum before bursting into song.
We stop what we're doing and listen
as the rain refreshes the grass and bathes the flowers.

Then, after the rain . . . glistening jewels quiver on delicate spider webs.

Pools of crystal beads lie on a leaf like a broken string of pearls.

Everything is fresh, dust bathed away and stale air cleansed.

Birds take shelter, then venture out after the rain, beady eyes searching for worms.
Pigeons splash in puddles like little children; 
chickadees and finches shake the wet from their feathers, then refuel.

The heat of the day evaporates in the cool mist.
After the rain, the earth turns dark -- rich, fertile, moist.

And it sings.
Breathe it in and listen.


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  1. OMG what fantastic photos. Each drop is like a gem, or like a kind of globe--a world unto itself.
    We, too, live in a place that is ruled by rain. In winter, it is sometimes too much too fast. Last year we fled our house and headed to safety in town because we feared flooding--the last time it flooded, the entire village was cut off for weeks--no water, no electricity, no getting in or out--even though only a few houses actually got water in them. I really didn't want to experience that. But in summer, it's so dry, we rejoice at every drop and calculate every use of water. Nothing goes down the drain--it gets thrown at plants. We don't have mosquitoes with such dryness, and that's a blessing..

  2. What a lovely post in thoughts and photos.

    We've gotten some much needed rain lately which has been a blessing.


  3. There is nothing like rain reviving the earth. The smell is different from any other.
    In fact you can even smell the rain before it starts. Your photos were great. Each drop by drop.

  4. Beautiful post, Pat! A spring shower is cleansing for the heart and soul as well. Love your pics!


  5. Love, love, love that birdbath :)

  6. That was beautiful and so true, i love a nice slow rain and to watch nature, thanks and have a great evening.

  7. What a breath of spring air. Pics are beautiful and you have a way with words that make it all work.

  8. This is such a beautiful post, Pat. I'm so glad you shared this at the garden party. :)

  9. Beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing

  10. Your photos are lovely! We have just had three days of rain after a week of warm sunshine. I was so grateful for the rain because I am still digging new beds from the lawn and it is much easier when the ground is wet!

  11. I absolutely love being in the garden after it rains. It definitely makes things magical! Love the pretty droplets left on leaves and petals. You captured the beauty wonderfully! Thanks for sharing with the Garden Party.

  12. Your garden is beautiful and even more so after it rains the way you show it. Love it!