Tuesday, July 7, 2015

5 Tips for Your Best Yard Sale Ever !

Sometimes you have to let something go to make room for something new. 
Sometimes it's a relationship. Sometimes it's a chair. 
Are you spring cleaning?
Time for a yard sale.

Here are five tips to help you have a successful yard sale.

1.  Start early. 
If you have the space, store everything you might want to sell there throughout the year. 
Big plastic tubs work great. When it's time for your sale, you'll have everything in one place. 
You can always retrieve items you've decided to keep. 
Check with your local city government to see if there are any restrictions on yard sales.

2.  Be organized.  
A day or two before your sale, get everything out where you can see it. 
Price items with sticky circles or masking tape. 
If in doubt, check Ebay and Craig's List to see what similar things are selling for. 
Adjust for yard sale bargain prices. Make sure you have lots of one's to make change.

3.  Advertise
List your sale on Craig's List the day before and be sure to include your address.  
I can't tell you how many sales I've read about but didn't know where they were.
 Make large signs on bright heavy paper with the address clearly shown. BIG
Make your sign stand out. Post at major intersections in your neighborhood.

4.  Start on time and have everything ready.  
You'll miss the early birds if you're not open when you said you'd be. 
Set out your tables early and arrange things neatly.
Move your cars so people can park conveniently in front of your sale.
A few colorful tablecloths covering the tables, balloons, or bright flowers attract attention.

5.  Be friendly and willing to bargain. 
Approach people with a smile and a friendly greeting. 
Price items a couple of dollars more than you want so you have room to negotiate. 
People love a bargain.

Don't forget to take down your signs after the sale. 
Happy sale-ing!!!


  1. Great tips! It gets so frustrating when posted signs are unreadable and too small.

  2. I want to have a yard sale soon, and have never done so. This is helpful! I just need to figure out how much cash / change to have on hand :)