Thursday, July 2, 2015

4th of July...Now & Then

Happy 4th of July from my front porch to yours!

On the 4th of July we like to walk to our neighborhood park and find a place to sit at the edge of the lake. There are plenty of big fireworks displays all over the metro area but we prefer the informal atmosphere on the lake's edge. Families and dogs gather along the shore, 
watching the ducks patrolling the lake, waiting for the big moment.

If France celebrated the 4th, I imagine it would be like this in the smaller towns. 
Of course, they have Bastille Day on July 14th to celebrate 
the beginning of the French Revolution and the storming of the Bastille. 
I understand there is a grand military parade in Paris and a huge celebration. 
These blooming bea balms look like exploding fireworks!

As I look out over the water, I'm reminded of my childhood in Ohio. I grew up with the Ohio River in my back yard and a boat in our alley. My Dad founded the local Boat Club and one of my favorite memories was taking our small cabin cruiser out on the river, along with most of the other club members. We'd all go to the middle of the river and drop anchor. Then, we'd climb onto the decks of our boats and lean back against the windows, waiting for darkness to fall.

I can remember the peaceful rock of the boat on the river and the voices carrying softly across the water. Then, around nine o'clock, the first firework would explode over our heads. My sister and I would squeal as the sparkling bits would float down around us, followed by a loud bang. 
"Oooh, that was the best one!" we'd say. I can still feel the reverberation in my chest.

So, now as I wait for the fireworks to begin, I search the darkening sky and whisper to myself, 
"Ooh, that was the best one!"

Special thanks to Ron Boyd, photographer.

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