Thursday, August 6, 2015

French Country Guest Room Refreshed

In a small house, there is usually a multipurpose room--the office/guest/storage room.
 Someplace for shoes, jackets, winter hats and summer fans.
Oh, and the dog bed.

My multipurpose room was okay but it had no flow, no style. 
And because I can't really tell what something's going to look like until I actually see it, 
I started moving things around.

I'd found a beautiful French-inspired cream-colored daybed on Craigslist 
with shiny brass accents that I'd put in front of the window.
It looked okay there but I couldn't open the window and it blocked the flow. 
I decided to try it on another wall. Suddenly, the room began to reveal itself.

I opened the window and let in a warm summer breeze. 
An old lace curtain that I'd tacked onto the window frame lifted up 
like a sheet drying on a clothesline.

A print I'd often admired online of people approaching the Eiffel Tower in the rain
miraculously appeared at my local Goodwill for under $10.
I'm a firm believer you will find everything you ever wanted at Goodwill if you visit often enough.
It fit perfectly over the daybed.

The oval mirror actually came from an antique store. Sometimes, you just have to pay retail.

I slid the 1950s chest of drawers across the wood floor on rags and hung a rare poster of Venice featuring wines from Frances Ford Coppola's vineyard that I found at a yard sale above it.

An antique basket of lavender provided the finishing touches 
and the room is refreshed and ready for its close-up.

One corner still serves as an office but the room is so open and airy now,
it doesn't seem so "officey."

There's one thing I am absolutely forbidden to mess with . . . 
my dog's favorite cardboard box under the desk. 
Roxy has nice beds, but she prefers this one.


  1. I love your multi purpose room Pat! It feels so warm and welcoming. It appears Roxy knows what she likes even if it doesn't quite fit the theme of the house lol!

  2. What a cozy room! One of my favorite things in a bedroom is a sheer or lace curtain that flutters in the breeze. Perfect! Too cute about the dog box!

  3. What a beautiful job you've done Pat. I too am a believer that the Universe (or Goodwill!) provides. I recently found a longed for Venetian mirror at my local thrift store for just $35. These are hundreds of dollars new. Your Paris print is just gorgeous! Mimi xxx

  4. A lovely room - so well put together! Love all your sweet 'finds'. I love Goodwill :) Cute little pup! xo Karen

  5. Looks like a great place to hang out. Nice finds.