Tuesday, June 9, 2015

What is a vignette?

Vignette. I love the word.

In French, it refers to a "little vine." How very French!

The dictionary defines it as a short literary sketch
or a descriptive scene in a play.
Someone once said, "A good vignette leaves you wanting more."
I like that one.

To me, a vignette is a snapshot in time, capturing a moment . . . evocative, impressionistic. 

A glimpse of the past.

A moment right now.

A daydream of the future.

Gather those things that mean something to you
and arrange them artfully.

A vignette isn't just a display of pretty things. It tells a story.

The best vignettes are personal . . .
and leave you wanting more.

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  1. Pat, you have given us excellent descriptions and examples of the word that so many f us struggle to define. I especially like that you mentioned that "vignettes are personal and leave us wanting more".

    1. Hi Vel, You are my very first official comment on my new blog so thank you very much and I'm glad you enjoyed it. Pat

  2. Great post! I like to create interesting vignettes around the house using items from my various collections. Happy to find your blog.

  3. Pat,
    As I read through your older posts, I see comments from familiar names and faces. Guess that just goes to show friends are people who enjoy the same things. :)