Thursday, June 11, 2015

Is it worth saving?

The French are famous for passing down well-loved furniture, rugs, paintings and accessories. 
Some things have been in the same family for centuries. 
Are we too quick to throw things away instead of seeing the beauty still left in them?

When I found this old Singer sewing machine base, it seemed to be missing something
. . . its top!
But I took it home anyway and appreciated the intricate metalwork base. 

Then, one day, I discovered a discarded metal grate at a thrift store.
 I think it was a mat to wipe your muddy feet on in a previous life.
I knew right away where it was going.

It found a new home on top of the sewing machine base but it still looked a little lost.

So I added a pot of impatiens, a chippy watering can and a rusted lantern. 
I needed to give the lantern a bit of height so I placed a piece of a tree limb 
that had to be cut down this year under it. 

Added a candle and it's perfect in an empty corner of my patio.

For entertaining, I can put a tray or a wooden cutting board
 over the metal grate to provide stability for glasses and wine.

Definitely worth saving and passing down some day.

1 comment:

  1. Pat,
    I have an old Singer sewing machine base with a glass top on my deck that often has plants on it. When company comes, it makes a great serving table.