Saturday, August 31, 2019

Late Summer at the Cabin

Late August is a wonderful time to visit the cabin. 
The air is fresh and cool, a nice change from the 90+ degrees in Denver. 
The wildflowers are blooming and the daytrippers have left to get ready for back to school. 

The cabin is surrounded by wildflowers and rock outcroppings.

After a storm ... mist settles into the pines.
When it storms at 11,000 feet, the lightning literally bounces off the mountain tops.

We've whittled down our "to do" list.
Our front deck had too much space in between the boards, making it very unsafe. 
Here, Ron is putting 2x2s in between the boards to close up the spaces, a simple fix.

 I really like how it turned out!
We'll use this deck more often now that we won't twist an ankle.

Inside the cabin we brought a primitive bench I had up to the living space.
It makes a perfect small coffee table.

We're loving this room.

Roxy is really adapting well to the altitude.
She's our new Scrabble partner!!
I think she's saying, "What do you mean Grrr is not a word?"

'Til next time.


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  1. The deck turned out nice and I love how you put out two coasters for the bench/coffee table. Gotta protect the wood. A natural rock garden, I tried to make one in the two corners of our back yard, but nothing beats the real thing. So beautiful. Enjoy!

  2. love your cabin, I have followed it from the beginning and after some unpleasant things that have happened to you I think it is now beautiful.
    a cordial greeting

    Maria Dolores

  3. Pat, I envy your cabin in the mountains. It looks cozy and comfortabl! Roxy is a cutie.

  4. Thanks for the visit, flowers and view is so pretty and love the cabin. Glad Roxy is doing well in the high altitude.

    Thanks for the visit, everything looks wonderful, Roxy looks content.

  5. Love your cabin, Pat, and your being able to enjoy it now. The deck is nice and big! I have fond memories of a trip to CO spent in Estes Park, watching storms roll through the mountains. Your photo of the mist prompted those memories. Thank you. Happy September!

  6. What a darling cabin. I bet it is such a peaceful and joyful visit each time you go there. The scenery is gorgous.
    Happy Holiday Weekend.

  7. Your cabin looks so cozy and inviting, Pat! Such pretty views up there. I'm glad you are enjoying it so much!

  8. I think your cabin looks so lovely and would be very relaxing to spend time there when the weather is good. You have decorated it so beautifully too. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Wow! That was a huge gap between boards. The deck looks great now. Love the bench & your sweet cabin.

  10. Oh to have a cabin at 11,000 ft. The relentless heat and hubbub of the city has worn me out. I need to rejuvenate in the coolness of the mountains.

  11. I totally love your cabin...and would love to visit! The scenery is spectacular and it would be so great to be off the grid for a bit. Have fun!

  12. What a lovely get away place your cabin is. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  13. Your cabin is so charming. The surroundings are magical. I also love the mountains and french country. I live in a tiny vintage farmhouse in the mountains. Decorated in farm style with pops of french country. Many blessing to you.