Friday, February 22, 2019

Hunting and Gathering -- Find of the Month

Welcome back to my new feature, Hunting and Gathering - Find of the Month,
where I share a new treasure recently found. 

Today, I'm sharing an unusual find -- a vintage metal caddy.

I loved it but wondered what it was used for.

Today it holds mason jars filled with vintage clothes pins.

The inside of the metal caddy is divided into three sections, one large and two smaller. 

Although it appears to be a bit banged up, 
I love the beautiful blue paint which appears to be original. 

The sides and bottom are pierced with round holes. 
Why do you think it was made this way?

We were stumped until we found a similar photo on Ebay 
that was described as a hotel maid's cleaning products caddy.

TIP:  When researching your vintage find,
try using several different keywords in your search if your first try doesn't work.
After several attempts, we finally found this item under "vintage industrial caddy."

This beauty also corrals old books and plants nicely

and makes a pretty rustic container for picnic supplies or seasonal decor.

Hey, it could even be used to tote cleaning products!
I'll have to alert my maid. LOL.

What do you think it was for?


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  1. Missed your post last week but love your new found vintage "maids" basket...excellent find with so many useful duties for it. Have a great weekend!

    1. Hi Jane! You are so sweet to say you missed my post last week. Just one of those weeks. Thanks for your lovely comments. Hugs, Pat

  2. Very nice....boy the 'maid' was pretty hard on the little beauty! Love your new topic....have a great weekend!

  3. I was way off for what i thought it might have been, i thought something used in a blacksmith or industrial,good find. Missed you but you can take a break.

  4. Love this and definitely a super find! I would have thought gardening caddy or something in a factory or workshop for holding tools. Either way, it looks great and personally, I think the dents make it even better!!

  5. I thought it was a tool box. Tools are one thing you don't want to get and stay wet - thus the holes. Love it! Good find!

  6. Nice find! To me it was a manufacturing caddy for tools. But it can be anything you want it to be now. Not sure how I would use it, probably for my tea, my phone, a small book to cart upstairs. Enjoy!

  7. I love it, especially because it's blue/ thanks

  8. Great find and really adaptable for all your decor ideas!

  9. Nice! Can you say how much did you pay? Not sure what Denver prices are like?

  10. Hi Sister, I think that the comment that makes the most sense to me is a maids basket. There wouldn't be anything really heavy and it would keep cleaners, dusters , handy. With your sense of decorating you will find many uses for it.

  11. My husband thinks that may have been made in a metal shop by a teenager at some point, who knows?

  12. I loved the different ways you staged the basket. At my house, it would be filled with rubber stamps, ink pads, and scissors for the current card making binge! So many great ways to use it Great find!