Friday, November 2, 2018

Decorating in the Dark and Great News

Have you ever decorated in the dark?
It can be quite challenging. 
Since we've boarded up the windows of our cabin for the winter, 
the inside of the cabin is very dark, getting only a shaft of light from the skylight.

Here's a photo (with flash) of the cabin bedroom.
Note the windows are covered up with plywood.

This is what it actually looked like without a flash.
The light on the chest of drawers is reflected from the skylight in the other room. 

The rest of the cabin wasn't much lighter since we have no electricity.
However, it did perk up when Ron removed a board from the front window, 
letting in some sunlight. 

But let me back up a bit. 

I hadn't been to the cabin in almost a month and was itching to visit it.
Now that Ron has a Jeep we felt confident we could tackle any snowy roads. 
The main road was clear but the mountain range rimming
the South Park plateau was snow-covered -- a beautiful site. 

We stopped to stretch our legs on the dirt road to our cabin
and saw this gorgeous pond. 
We couldn't see it from the car so we were happy we'd stopped.

We arrived at the cabin and a glorious view.

Once inside where it was a dark 35 degrees, Ron lit the propane heater
and I puttered around a bit in a ski hat and warm jacket. 

I'd found a few old tins at estate sales and displayed them on top of our kitchen cabinets.
Still looking for a few more. 

We've also been shopping for coffee mugs that feature wildlife.

There was enough light from the skylight overhead plus a flash
to do a little decorating in the main room.
I'd brought up a galvanized pitcher filled with some dried grasses
that looked pretty against the long white drapes. 
Lots of battery candles (not turned on) top the long table and cast a soft glow at night. 

We had a neighbor stop by with tales of wildlife sighting in our gulch -- 
a bear, a moose family and lots of elk. 

It never did warm up very much inside the cabin.
We took turns huddling next to the propane heater. 

I tried to convince myself the big wood stove was producing heat.
We didn't want to light it since we were only going to be there for a few hours.
We are very careful about escaping sparks in our absence.

So, 'til next time.
Stay warm my friends!

P.S.!!! Great News.
The sheriff's department caught the person who had been vandalizing
our cabin neighborhood including us.
He was caught in connection with another break-in
and confessed to the burglaries in our area.
Yea!!! We feel so much safer now.
Great work Sheriff's Department.
Thank you!!!


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  1. Glad they caught the perp! Enjoy your cabin with a bit more peace of mind.

  2. Glad he was caught. Pictures were beautiful and i know it doesn't begin to show the beauty in real life but so appreciated.Even though cold know you enjoyed your visit, thanks so much.

  3. So happy you don't have to worry about the intruder, the human one at least! I hope you are able to enjoy your cabin as much as you have planned. It's a little dream spot.

  4. Great news in the capture of the burglar! That sure adds to the sense of security, I'm sure. Stay cozy!

  5. Peace of mind knowing the burglar was captured. I can tell you love your cabin with all the special and thoughtful items you bring in. The mugs are so cute.

  6. Simply beautiful, so picturesque I can vision Christmas in your cabin with a fresh cut tree and fresh green garlands! Lisa @ Sweet Tea N' Salty Air

  7. I am so glad that the Sheriff's Department caught your vandal. Hopefully that will never happen again. I can understand if someone is trapped in the cold by accident or any harm and needs shelter to survive, but that's a whole different story than vandalizing.
    I do enjoy visiting your blog and seeing all the love that you are putting into your mountain home away from home:)
    Happy November!
    Connie :)

  8. I, along with just about everyone else, am glad that the burglar was caught. Everything looks so beautiful with the snow on the mountains. On your wood stove just close the damper for awhile and the fire will go out. Remember what Brad told you about oxygen. That pond was pretty. How far away was it from the cabin?

  9. I'm so glad they caught him, that's terrific news!!

  10. I’m glad to hear they caught the burglar. That’s one of our biggest worries with our cabin. Your cabin looks very cozy- I especially like the vintage (or antique?) dresser and table in the first photo.

  11. Yay, they found him! So happy for you guys. Love that pond, and the snow. So glad you've been enjoying your cabin. Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm. xo Kathleen|Our Hopeful Home

  12. So happy the thief was caught! Your cabin looks so warm and cozy, and the pictures are beautiful!
    PS: we found our stolen car; still waiting to see if the burglar to our home will be found.

  13. What a gorgeous cabin!! And all of that snow...I would never want to leave! Glad they caught the burglar...makes you feel so uneasy when someone is prowling around! Hugs!

  14. So happy they caught that thief!!!
    Stay warm and thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!

  15. Love how you made the best of the situation! Everything is coming along! Love your tins and those views are amazing!