Friday, August 3, 2018

Going Solo in the Cabin

Hello my friends!
I've been wanting to stay overnight in our mountain cabin by myself. 
Although I'd stayed overnight with Ron and another time with my sister and nephew, 
I've yet to do it solo.

I had visions of enjoying the vast quiet with only the murmur of the rushing creek 
accompanied by the whir of hummingbirds peeking through the window.

Of doing some writing. Listening to music. Taking walks.
 Reading a book.

Sipping a cup of hot coffee in the morning, a glass of wine in the evening.
(make that a small glass of wine; learned my lesson about altitude sickness and alcohol).

Watching the Milky Way sparkling in the rare mountain air. 
Sleeping soundly cocooned in thick warm blankets.
Learning to identify local wildflowers.

But was I afraid to stay alone?
Okay, well maybe a little. 
Mostly I was worried about my car breaking down or having a flat tire 
on the rocky road into the cabin.
Honestly, driving over this road is like sitting on a jackhammer. 

Last week, my guardian angel stepped in to address this fear.
I awoke to a flat tire in front of my house.
When we took the car to the tire store to get the flat fixed, the technician said all four tires 
were in very bad shape and actually had blisters ready to burst which could shred the tire. 
So, now I own four spanking new tires and shouldn't have to worry about flats.

Any other fears?
Well, maybe a tiny bit about marauding bears.
If all bears looked like this, I wouldn't be afraid of them.

We'd already seen quite a few wild animals including pronghorn antelope, deer, moose
and some pretty persistent ground squirrels.
(Did you know a group of squirrels is called a scurry? Me neither.)

Neighbors had told us they'd seen bears near their cabins. 
But no cabins had ever been entered, no one confronted.
Here I am carrying a big stick and my bear spray just in case.

What about food coolers?
I contacted the local forest service and asked them:
"Should we leave our coolers filled with food outside the cabin or bring them in at night?"

Their advice was to bring them inside when we're staying at the cabin. 
When we're not there, we shouldn't leave any food in the cabin as bears may break in to get it.
(I'm wondering why they wouldn't also break in while we're staying there??)
Also to keep the surrounding area clear of anything that might attract bears 
such as coolers, bird feeders and trash cans. 
Good advice. 

Oh great, I forgot about mountain lions.
I know they always say don't run but I'm sorry, get out of my way.

So, armed with advice, four new tires, a bottle of wine and a stack of books, 
I'm setting off for a solo adventure in Timberline Cabin.

Stay tuned to find out how it goes.
Hey Ron, do I have cell service up here?

(If you missed my last post about the cabin, you can read it Here)


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  1. Be safe, and maybe take in some target practice with Ron so you'll be more comfortable being on your own. I think I would!

  2. Hopefully you will be safe and have a great time. I think we sense danger a little and as long as your careful you will be all right. I don't think animals are as bad as people sometimes.

  3. Pat did you know that bears can smell food from 5 miles away? Where I live in the CO foothills we often have bear and mountain lions. The lions are looking for deer, but the bears will eat anything. Just keep food out of your car up there--even flavored lip gloss! Love your cozy cabin! Enjoy it before late autumn snows begin.

  4. Here's to having a tranquil experience, with lots of time for discovery. Silence is truly golden :) I wouldn't want a steady diet of lone-time, but sometimes it's the best medicine for the soul. Enjoy:)

  5. You are a brave lady! Have a very relaxing, uneventful time at the cabin.


  6. I’m not sure when I found your blog, but I have truly enjoyed following your search for your perfect cabin. I loved your last post about your cozy bedroom. I am usually not a gun advocate, but might it not be prudent in this case to have a little protection with you when you are there by yourself? Be safe.

  7. Be safe and sleep sound! I do enjoy being along now and then, but the critters there, just may make me want to have company. :)

  8. Time alone at your cabin-how fun! As long as you store your food safely, you should be fine. We just spent two weeks at our cabin and finished our deck and it was wonderful.

    Have fun!

  9. Ever since I saw a documentary about bears attacking humans and killing them, I have a terrible fear of bears. I even have occasional nightmares about them. And I used to camp all the time with just a tent and sleeping bag. Not anymore! Be careful!

  10. All the while reading this post, I kept thinking 'doesn't she have a gun?' You really need one...for your own self protection, and not just from animals. Every women traveling alone should be prepared, you are at the mercy of whatever you encounter. I love being alone also, our cottage is on a busy lake with people on both sides....that's my get-a-way!!! They are close but yet far enough away that I can tune them out. As for wild beasts, no thank you....I'm a big scarty cat! Good Luck!

  11. Brave girl! I'm proud of you. I took the trip to upstate NY solo. It's empowering to do things on our own when we are so used to being with others. Glad you had a great time.

  12. I have to say you are a brave girl to go there by yourself. The thought of bears and Mountain lions would be enough to keep me
    Hope you have a good time of solitude, and will pray you don't run into any of the above critters.

  13. I'm an only child...and I so understand "alone time" ...lovely post.

  14. You are living the dream! Your dream! I'm happy for you. :)

  15. Solitude is a treasure, and with all that scenery you can really get focused. Although I would not be brave enough to go alone, I'm sure you are taking every precaution. You'll have to share your alone time and it's benefits. Sounds intriguing.

  16. Such a relaxing time to enjoy the beautiful setting.

  17. You're very right to be on the defensive for bears. I have a dear friend who had a run-in with a bear in Alaska. Take all possible precautions! As an oasis, your cabin sounds divine. Would Love to "get away" from my three kids and husband (no matter how much I love them!) Maybe some day we'll get that lake house. Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm! xo Kathleen

  18. Hope you have wonderful time alone for few days. Just be careful and watch out for those bears. Happy times girl.

  19. So funny...loved this post! I began staying in our cabin fixer-upper full time back in January to oversee the contractors. I was scared, but had our pup and said LOTS of prayers. It all worked out well and I am so glad I got to see things through.
    So happy for you ... love your cabin!
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!!!