Friday, July 27, 2018

Warming Up a Cabin Bedroom at 11,000 Feet

A bedroom should be a restful place with calm colors and soft textures -- 
a sanctuary where you can relax and gaze out the window at nature's beauty. 

But was it possible to warm up our cabin bedroom at a cool 11,000 feet?
Our small bedroom had a good start 
with rough plank walls, a dark wood floor and two windows 
with views of massive pine trees and steep mountains,

But it definitely needed some help in the furnishing department.
Here's a "Before" picture.

First, we cleaned out the stuff left behind.
We jettisoned a metal clothes rack, piles of junk, ratty rugs, and a gigantic plastic cooler.
Ron claimed this old dynamite box that had been nailed to the wall to store odds and ends.

I wanted to keep the look simple but cozy using warm colors and vintage accessories.
I was trying to decide what kind of headboard would look good
in this rustic cabin when I remembered I had a rusty metal headboard in my garden.
We lugged it up to the cabin. It was the perfect size and definitely looked rustic.

We'd decided to keep the bed that was already in the cabin.
The mattress was clean, comfortable and looked new.
Besides, we had no idea how to get a mattress in our compact car. 
The mattress lies on a home-made frame with six drawers
so we pitched the flimsy chest of drawers that didn't complement our style.

But guess what?
During a weekend yard sale hunt, we came across a rustic-looking chest of drawers.
It was marked $50 but the owner came down to $15 when we showed interest
and told her it was destined for our mountain cabin. Sold!

The oil lamp belonged to Ron's Aunt Viola.
A vintage hall tree found at an estate sale long ago and
 some old hooks along one wall hold hats, cameras and binoculars. 

I fell in love with this gorgeous comforter and pillow covers from Cabela's. 
Plaid cotton flannel reversing to fuzzy soft "primalush." 
Although I usually shop at thrift stores and estate sales, 
I plunked down some money for this new set. 
It was worth it. 

The little shelf and photo on the wall came with the cabin
although they were in a different place. 

On the other hand, the nightstands were a creative mix of our own things.
Ron's table is actually his grandfather's old milking stool.

And on my side is a garden table covered with a pretty crocheted piece
that my sweet neighbor Erin gave me and, of course, a pair of cowboy boots.

This vintage etched mirror came from my mirror collection at home. 

We have plans to cover the drywall separating the two rooms
with surplus planks stored in the loft
but for now I hung a Native American weaving flanked by two 
Harrison Begay prints. Both prints feature a young Indian girl tending her sheep. 

The antique rocking chair in the corner was my Dad's.
A Beacon Indian print blanket hangs over the back. 

The bedroom has been warmed up with soft textures and warm colors,
making it a cozy place to relax and snuggle.

At 11,000 feet, the nights are clear and cold, even in the summer.
We might have to add another blanket!


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  1. I want to come to your cabin!! I love it!!!!

  2. So good to see you're snuggling into your new home,looks so cozy and delightful, what fun for you. Have to admit am bit envious of your new old cabin.Am loving what am seeing. The bed looks so cozy and comfy. Do you have lots of cards and games? How cozy to spend Christmas at your cabin. Will you have room for a small tree? Be sure to bring several cozy blankets. I love those wool Mexican blankets, heavy warm and pretty, do you have any? Those blankets helped keep us warm our first winter in MT from San Diego.25 below during day for weeks.

    Will need to find my Country Sampler Farmhouse magazine, which months was your cabin in?
    Need to get dressed, go to HL for some of their great sales. Love your wonderful Indian print blankets, just love it all. Have wonderful weekend.

  3. It is so homey and wonderful looking!!! I am happy for you both to have found this sweet cabin.

    Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

  4. You got a great deal on that old dresser. It looks perfect where you placed it. It must be so much fun putting your own personal touch on the cabin. You have some incredible views .
    xx Beca

  5. Cozy, and I love the authentic Native American touches!

  6. I love the new look of the bedroom. The bedspread and shams really make it look cozy. I loved seeing Dad's old rocker with the Indian blanket over the back. I can hardly believe you got the little chest for $15. You have Mom's talent for talking someone down on the price. Wish I had it. The talent that is. I saw the comment about spending Christmas at the cabin. I think you may be lucky to be able to get there. What do you think? Continue the good work. I love the cabin.

  7. All of it is superb. The headboard, chest, rocking chair, paintings, mirror, etc. all perfect for the cabin. How about an area rug at the foot of the bed. Love those hardwood floors. Then the view! Can it get any better?

  8. I love your posts about your mountain cabin! Makes me wish I had one of my own.

  9. The bedroom looks wonderful, warm, and cozy, and I love the old rocker. How lucky you are to have found this sweet little cabin. Enjoy!

  10. I absolutely love what you did in the bedroom! Especially the headboard and the dresser. So cozy-looking:) xo Kathleen

  11. That dresser is perfect for the space. Great find!

  12. Lovely and comfy, it all looks just right for a cabin. The dresser and mirror and personal things make it so homey. I love those floors,so rustic, until next time, have a great time in your cabin.

  13. A cozy comfortable bedroom and mountain air . . . how can you beat that? You did a beautiful job and I love how you incorporated family treasures. That gives it a warm homey feel that is so very appealing.

  14. It is so fun to see you share another side of your decorating "personality!" Of course I am crazy about French Country but I love seeing what you are doing with your cabin. Thanks so much for sharing at TFT!

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  17. What an amazing setting and I can bet you sure enjoy those beautiful views. Your cabin is so warm, cozy and inviting.