Saturday, April 23, 2016

Five Tips for Your Best Yard Sale Ever !

Sometimes you have to let something go to make room for something new.
Sometimes it's a relationship. Sometimes it's a chair.
Are you spring cleaning?
Time for a yard sale!

Here are five tips to help you have a successful yard sale.

1.  Start early.
If you have the space, store everything you might want to sell there throughout the year.
Big plastic tubs work great. When it's time for your sale, you'll have everything in one place.
You can always retrieve items you've decided to keep.
Check with your local city government to see if there are any restrictions on yard sales.

2.  Be organized.
A day or two before your sale, get everything out where you can see it.
Price items with sticky circles or masking tape.
If in doubt, check Ebay and Craig's List to see what similar things are selling for.
Adjust for yard sale bargain prices. Make sure you have lots of one's to make change.

3.  Advertise.
List your sale on Craig's List the day before and be sure to include your address.
I can't tell you how many sales I've read about but didn't know where they were.
Make large signs on bright heavy paper with the address clearly shown.  BIG.
Make your sign stand out. Post at major intersections in your neighborhood.
Did I say make it BIG?

4.  Start on time and have everything ready.
You'll miss the early birds if you're not open when you said you'd be.
Set out your tables early and arrange things neatly.
Move your cars so people can park conveniently in front of your sale.
A few colorful tablecloths covering the tables, balloons, or bright flowers attract attention.

5.  Be friendly and willing to bargain.
Approach people with a smile and a friendly greeting.
Price items a couple of dollars more than you want so you have room to negotiate.
People love a bargain.

Don't forget to take down your signs after the sale.
Happy sale-ing!!

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  1. Great suggestions. I've only done a yard sale once. I found it to be a lot of work, but fun.

    1. Thanks Sarah. True, it is work but we always enjoy it and it feels good to get rid of stuff we don't want but someone else does.

  2. This is one of the things I miss about home - yard/tag/garage/estate sales and thrifting in all possible ways. It's just not a thing where I am, and lots of good things make their way to the dump. Lots of good advice here!

    1. Thanks AJ. I know what you mean. Some areas just aren't into the whole yard sale thing. I have actually found some cool things in a dump!

  3. I've never had one so these are some great tips!

  4. Great tips Pat! We have had quite a few yard sales and do all of the above. One thing that we did at the last one that seemed to work well was to have a $1 $3, $5, table. We have a pretty good memory and people seemed to be honest as to what table they got it off of. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

    1. Thanks Jann. Great idea to have a $1 table! So enjoyed your Garden Party; let's do it again.

  5. I haven't had a garage sale in years, but after reading your tips, I might just need to.

    Thanks for sharing at SYC.

    1. Hi Carol, Thanks for stopping by my yard sale and good luck if you have one.

  6. i have a love hate relationship with yard sales...i love going, I hate having my own!! lol. But I agree on all you said. I wish more yard sale owners knew these things!!

    1. Thanks for shopping with me Shannon. Fortunately, we can go to a lot more sales than we have to host!

  7. Pat, All great tips! Sylvia D.

  8. Great ideas! I'd buy one of those pitchers if I walked up. People do garage sales here but it's actually mostly on the drive way. ;)

    1. Thanks Stacey. I'd probably go to a "garage" sale anywhere!

  9. I wish everyone followed your advice!!! Great suggestions!

  10. Wonderful suggestions, and it is that time of the year to clean out and organize!
    Thanks for sharing at TOHOT.

    1. Thanks for shopping with me Jemma. Have fun cleaning out!

  11. We are all cleaning out this time of year.
    Great advice!

  12. Great tips!
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!

  13. Gave you a feature today for Let's Talk Vintage! Thanks so much for linking up last week!

  14. Some great tips, Pat. I used to have a sale every year, but I'd SO much rather be out shopping the sales than holding one!! Now I donate to Salvation Army and just take the right off :) Thanks for linking up your posts with us at Vintage Charm--