Sunday, August 2, 2015

A Break from the City

We just returned from our first weekend away from our baby...only this baby is our little rescue dog. Roxy is eight years old and we are, shall we say, a tad overprotective. 
We've always meant to stay overnight somewhere but couldn't coordinate schedules.
 Okay, let's be honest . . . we were worried about leaving her. We'd heard all those horror stories of dogs not eating while their owners were away or escaping out the back gate to try to find them. 
She has given us so much joy, we couldn't bear to think of anything happening to her. 
Since she came to us from a kennel, we didn't want to board her 
and we couldn't think of leaving her with a dogsitter she didn't know.

We finally found a friend Roxy already knew and was available to doggysit for the weekend. 
Our dear friend, Rusty, arrived Saturday morning, got the lay of the land, and gently pushed us out the door.Some people might think we're silly but we felt like new parents leaving their baby for the first time.We made Rusty promise to call us every half hour with a status report!

We took off for Rocky Mountain National Park about two hours from home.
By the way, the park is celebrating its 100th birthday this year!
This is my favorite place on this Earth and, although we experienced high-season traffic and
weekend crowds in the adjacent town, the park itself was wonderful. 

Perfect weather. 

Breathtaking scenery. 

An amazing hike on a new path. 

Sparkling streams. 

It just doesn't get any better.

This is why we live in Colorado!

Collapsing in our motel room for the evening, we were happily exhausted. 
But up early the next morning we hit a row of flea markets in a nearby town. 
I came away with a new piece of ironstone by H. Burgess. (I think it is a covered casserole dish??).

We were so busy and sooo tired, we didn't worry about Roxy. We also knew she was in good hands. When we returned home, Roxy was so excited, you'd think we'd been gone for a month. 
All that crying and jumping around. Or was that Rusty?
Rusty said Roxy had been "an angel." No whining or moping. 
Ate all her food and even slept with her new friend. 
Gee, didn't she miss us?

Based on the amount of kissies we got, I guess she did miss us a little. Aww.


  1. We really need to make a trip to RMNP soon! It is so beautiful! And yes, I do know how you feel about leaving your baby! We HATE leaving Max behind when we take a trip!

  2. Beautiful photos!
    We have a spoiled rotten pound kitty, so I can identify with the separation angst!!!
    We have a trip planned to Lake City, CO. in September, and I am already dreading to leave the Posie cat....
    oh well...she will be in good hands, and will gain weight since she can beg them to feed her every hour :^)
    Loved your pictures.....hopefully the pretty weather will hold for another month and a half!

  3. Your furbaby loves you, and it's more than obvious you love your Roxy. Your getaway looked amazing, and so is your ironstone find. Lucky you!

  4. We recently moved to CO and are only 45 minutes from Estes! Yay! I'm curious if you would share what town had the flea market? And yes I understand the worries in leaving our fur Babies!

    1. Hi Fran and welcome to CO. Lucky you being so close to RMNP. The flea markets are on the southern end of Fort Collins before you get to Loveland on R. 287. They look more like warehouses but you should see a few antique signs. Good luck! Pat

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