Friday, May 31, 2019

Hunting and Gathering -- Find of the Month #4

Welcome back to my new feature, Hunting and Gathering - Find of the Month 
where I share a new treasure recently found.

Today I'm sharing an unusual find -- a beautiful little enamel candle holder.

Purchased at one of my favorite antique malls, Sweet William, in Colorado Springs,
this unusual candle holder is eight inches high with a saucer at the base to catch melting wax. 

There's also a glass slit in the stem of the candle holder; 
I'm assuming it's so you can see how much of the candle remains.

I love the faded gray painting of a vine
overlaid on the worn white enamel. 

The candle holder certainly adds an elegant feeling to the dining table.
I'm sure this candle holder has supported years and years of candles,
as evidenced by the wear and chips in the black rim of the saucer.

I know I'll get a lot of use out of it. 

I had some fun with my camera with this photo.
When I blew out the candle's flame, the smoke swirled up in the room,
resembling a ghostly presence.

How cool is that?

If you know anything else about this piece,
I'd love to hear from you as I can't find anything online about it.

Whether I learn that it's a rare find or a modern reproduction,
I just love it.
Isn't that what counts?

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  1. I never saw one like it , I agree whether very old or " vintage" it is a wonderful little thing.

  2. This is different and beautiful. If I had to guess I agree with your thoughts. May be to see how much candle is left. Love the age and patina in the paint.

    Super find and yes the smoke was cool.


  3. It is amazing how pretty something so simple can be, all i know is they tried to make their everyday way of lighting pretty. They lived so simple long ago but, we women always like a little beauty. You certainly have a treasure i think.

  4. I'm thinking it is from early 1900's pioneer days. Nice find and fits perfectly with your French ambience. Interesting how a small find will lift your spirit and add a spark in your day.

  5. That is exactly what counts. Fill your home with the things you love,that's the difference between a house and a home.

  6. Nice and how much did that cost out of curiosity?

    1. Thanks Nancy. I don't remember what the candlestick cost but I'm guessing it was under $20. Pat

  7. I was wondering if there was originally a lever to raise and lower the candle to make it a better working height for doing handwork at night (like those black iron ones with the peg to "lock" the candle at a particular height. I love the worn-ness of the design and chips; it looks lovely in your home. The smoke was cool!