Friday, February 23, 2018

How to Blend His and Her Styles

Aren't we ladies lucky when our mates embrace our decorating styles?
Well, maybe embrace is too strong a word.
But it is a blessing when he says, "Do whatever you want sweetheart" without rolling his eyes.

My ironstone, his dominoes.

Actually, I think most men could probably care less what color throw pillows we choose. 
If it were up to Ron, he would banish all throw pillows from our home. 
Still, I bounce ideas off of him before deciding on big purchases. 
I think he trusts my style although he usually points out we don't have room for the item. 

So how can we incorporate some items into our style that makes him happy too?
Let's take a look at how some of his favorite collectibles
could be blended with mine throughout the house. 

Here his little silver dog, Mack, (a hood ornament from a Mack Truck)
 looks sculptural next to my pretty old hardback book. 

Fortunately, Ron and I have similar interests and enjoy antiquing and thrifting together. 
So he is on board when it comes to vintage decor. 
A room looks more interesting and thoughtful if all the furniture 
didn't come from the same store on the same day in the same fabric.

Vintage wooden furniture makes a room feel warm and cozy
whether it's a masculine or feminine room. 

Most men like a clean, uncluttered look with just a few well-chosen accessories. 
Everything in this photo is mine although it could easily be his. 

Something from his occupation can add interest to a room and make it more personal. 
Before retiring, Ron was a photojournalist. 
He has a nice collection of old cameras that add interest to a vignette.

His hobby can also provide unique ideas on decorating a room. 
He's an afficianado of model trains and creator of historically accurate layouts. 
This layout even includes an antique store! 
(and yes, it's in the basement!). 

His collection of old railroad lanterns fits right into our farmhouse-style sunroom.

These brightly-colored metal tool boxes look industrial yet farmhouse.
I want one!

And family heirlooms like this syrup pitcher filled with marbles 
makes a simple masculine statement.
Antler sheds always look cool in any style room. 

Probably the most important item for a man is a big comfy chair. 
This chair and ottoman I found at an estate sale is comfortable and masculine and I like it too.
Men tend to prefer big heavy furniture so a mix of light and airy 
with more masculine furniture creates a good balance. 

If Ron had his way, he'd probably choose an oversized chair in camo from Cabelas!
Hold the throw pillow. 

Another decor item of his that blends nicely with my French Country feel is this
old newspaper announcing American aviator Charles Lindbergh's landing in Paris. 
It adds an authentic touch of history to our guest room.

One thing that he would probably want that I can't budge on, let alone have space for, 
is one of those gigantic manly TVs.
I'm thankful that those enormous 1970s stereo speakers have been downsized 
and flatscreens can be hung on a wall. 

Still, I'm looking forward to the day when we can watch TV
by pressing a button to project a holographic image on the wall.
I think he'd like that too.


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  1. I love all of these ideas . . . I could sink into the red leather chair and live there, LOL. When I see homes that are all white and fufu I cannot imagine my sweetie being comfortable there . . . if there is a man in the house, I believe the home needs to reflex his life style, too.

    1. Thanks Connie! I love that red chair too, anything red really. I have to restrain myself from painting the walls red! Hugs, Pat

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Monika. Enjoy this beautiful weather this week. Hugs, Pat

  3. I agree completely and you made some very good points. I do like that big comfy chair, i don't thank you would like to see Ron set in a lacy chair with pink pillows, unless it were a joke,haha!

    1. Thanks Marlene! Who doesn't love a big comfy chair? It's my fave chair. Hugs, Pat

  4. Such a nice mix. When we bought our new home in 2007, we agreed I would decorate the interior and the outside was his. We are so blessed as both, inside and out turned out beautiful. We trusted each other and the results are beyond my expectations. The art of compromise. My husband is a retired news editor from a major newspaper and his office has a few memorable items also. Love the history.

    1. Thanks Ann! You said's all about compromise. Sounds like your place suits both of you. Hugs, Pat

  5. You have some great items that lean toward my favorite yin-yang mix, appealing to both feminine and masculine tastes, Pat.

    1. Thanks Rita! Yes, I actually like a lot of his things and he likes all of my stuff except the throw pillows! Hugs, Pat

  6. It can be tricky blending two different styles. My husband tends towards plain solid colors. I can get a bit crazy with colors and patterns. Its a stretch for both of us to embrace the other's styles. It gets easier year after year, though.

    1. Hi Audra, thanks for commenting. It does get easier, doesn't it? Hugs, Pat

  7. Great pieces to mix in with your style. I see what you mean by his style. It truly compliments yours :-)

  8. I love Mack! We kind of have a thing for chrome. Way more than 1/2 our decor is my Mr.'s collection. I love all his stuff. He has great stuff most of the time. haha
    :) gwingal

    1. Thanks Nikki! Yep, I love Mack too. Your guy must have good taste if you love it too. Most of the time! Hugs, Pat

  9. Your style mixing his and her is a great balance which would look great in any home. Thank you for sharing at Snickerdoodle.