Friday, June 23, 2017

June Garden: Pretty in Pink

Summer officially arrived June 21 and my garden is awash in pink. 
Some flowers are showstoppers, others blend quietly with purples and yellows.
I've always been drawn to purple flowers so this year
I intentionally tried to incorporate more pinks into my garden. 
Pink speaks of romance and a delicate gentle touch.

This deep pink Knautia macedonia adds movement to the garden
as its long stems sway in the breeze.

The gardens seem to blush in the pink innocence of this Zebrina malva. 

TIP:  If you're like me, you can't always remember the names of your plants.
So I keep the plastic tags that identify my posies in a large baggie
where I can always find them as a reference source . . .
unless they accidentally find their way into the trash.

Case in point -- the name of this rosy plant escapes me and I can't find the tag.
Anyone recognize it?
Some kind of veronica perhaps?

Pink petunias and purple lavender
complement the galvanized tub I found at an estate sale for $1!

Wow! This pink Dianthus "Pink Kisses" really pops.

Other pinks are soft and quiet.
These "Cashmere Sage" Phlomis are the gentile ladies of the garden. 

TIP:  To keep your blooms blooming, snip the dead stems out regularly (deadheading).

I am not usually a big fan of petunias but these two-toned beauties really caught my eye
and are non-stop bloomers, adding a happy note to these urns. 

Hot pink Poppy Mallow winecups add a splash of color to this lavender just starting to bloom.

TIP: When the temps hit the 90s you may need to water every day.
Water in the early morning hours when it's cool and you won't lose water through evaporation.
I enjoy watering my plants; I can tell they appreciate it!

This pink clematis is a feminine addition to the garden,
all dressed up for a garden party.

One pot of New Guinea impatiens is nice
but three is better!
Note: these do not like hot afternoon sun but a few early morning hours are fine.
I had to move these to the front porch to avoid a sunburn.

Pink Bonica rose against my white picket fence.

I think Roxy likes pink flowers too!

I hope you enjoyed my "Pink Ladies."
Come back soon to see what's blooming in my garden.
Happy gardening!


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  1. What pretty pinks you have growing there in your lovely gardens. It was a treat to see them.

    Happy Summer ~ FlowerLady

    1. Thank you Lorraine! I look forward to gardening all year and just wish it lasted a little longer. Hope you have a wonderful week. Hugs, Pat

  2. Beautiful flowers! The pink flower you couldn't identify is, I believe, a lupine.

    1. Thank you Christina. I hadn't thought of lupine. Good thought. Hugs, Pat

  3. My fate color in the garden. So cheerful, so pretty. Roxy has good taste.

    1. Thanks Monika. You should come see it in person soon! Hugs, Pat

  4. Hi Sis, I love this blog on your garden. I think that the pink one you weren't sure of looks like veronica. I have pink ones too but they don't look that tall. Do they come in different heights? I just fell in love with the Pholmis. I've never heard of it before. Is it a perennial? Enjoy your pretty garden every morning with your cup of coffee.

    1. Thanks Jan! I'm leaning toward a veronica too but it is a big one. Phlomis is a perennial but it took a few years to look this good. Wish you could have coffee in the garden with me. Big hugs, Pat

  5. Your flowers are stunning, all that gorgeous color. Mine is just starting to bloom with me whites from the hydrangea and the coneflowers are starting to open.

    1. Thanks so much Christine. My hydrangea took a hit this year in our unseasonal storms but should recover. My coneflowers are starting to open too. That's the nice thing about a perennial garden; you have something blooming at different times. Enjoy! Hugs, Pat

  6. All your flowers are so lovely........could that pink cone shaped plate perhaps be LUPINE?
    I love when flowers are blooming in my yard, it is like a sweet treat! Yours are beauties
    to behold, enjoy every last one.
    Blessings, Nellie

    1. Thank you Nellie! What a lovely comment. Much appreciated. Hugs, Pat

  7. Such a charming garden. I am visiting you via The Scoop.

  8. So many beautiful flowers... I love this time of the year w/ all of the wonderful garden delights. :)

  9. Thanks for some great tips here. I'm trying not to kill the plants on my front porch and your advice will help. Seems it's always 90 in our part of Texas so I guess I should be watering every day if I want to have any flowers that look like yours!

  10. Just beautiful! Don't you love all these wonderful colors coming out?!

  11. Wonderful flowers,lovely garden...such happiness!

  12. Absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing your lovely garden @Vintage Charm!

  13. Pink and yellow are my favorite flowers, but toss in a little purple and white .... Your look so healthy! Love them all.
    :) gwingal

  14. Your garden is gorgeous Pat! I am drawn to pink, purple, and yellow in the garden as well. I see that some people said your plant is a lupine. That is not what the leaves or blooms of lupines look like. The leaves look more like a salvia or Veronica like you mentioned. You can tell by picking one and if it smells like sage it's a salvia. Hope this helps. Oh, and I save my tags as well. Thanks for sharing with SYC.