Friday, October 5, 2018

Is it Cozy or Cramped?

Ron and I have this ongoing argument  discussion about furnishing our mountain cabin.
Is it cozy or cramped?
Charming or cluttered?

We're both proponents of simple living but realize this means different things to different people.
Do we live with the bare necessities or simply do without those things we really don't need?
Maybe it means we stop holding onto things in case we might need them someday?
If it gives you pleasure, is it OK in a crowded room?

What does simplifying mean to you?

Since I love French Country style, I prefer a casual/elegant look with comfy, cushy seating, a soft rug on the floor, chunky throws, warm comforters piled on the bed and vintage accessories --
more like in our guest room here at home. 

Ron, on the other hand, prefers a more simple look with, well, just the basics. 
Maybe an antler here or there.
I wouldn't call him a minimalist though because he also loves collecting
quirky old toys and 1950s memorabilia.
But in the cabin he's satisfied with a chair or two and a table to hold a beverage and a sandwich.

I think the trick here is to sneak, I mean mix, in a few things that I think will make the cabin
feel personal and inviting such as this black crow decoy and vintage child's dress. 

I've had this vision for the cabin bedroom in my mind
since we purchased this cabin four months ago.
There's a spectacular view out the bedroom window that looks directly at a massive mountain.

I kept thinking I needed a small writing desk at that window where I could look up from a
magazine and contemplate this impressive mountain in between sips of hot tea.

I hadn't had any luck finding one and then,
I came across just the table I'd dreamed of in an antique store. 
And it was 50% off!
I was attracted to the unusual "peanut" shape of the little desk 
and knew it would fit perfectly under the window.

But the desk and chair made the small room seem a tiny bit crowded
with a rocking chair, bed and chest of drawers in there.

I remembered my self-imposed rule of "buy something new, get rid of something old."
In this small space, I knew I couldn't get away with just recycling a paperback book.
So instead of getting rid of something, I decided to try moving something.

 I tried shifting my Dad's lovely old rocking chair into the living area, and although 
I thought it looked welcoming and cozy, Ron proclaimed it was too cramped. 
Therefore, with compromise on my mind and love in my heart,
I thought about taking it back home.

One thing I have learned in this small 336 square-foot space is that every inch counts,
whether you're creating a cozy room or building a strong relationship. 
Today we have the tiny home trend to help us think about using space in a different way 
and perhaps living a little more simply.

Not that I'm giving up on adding my own personal touch to our tiny cabin. 
And even Ron agrees this pretty plaid loveseat is cozy, not cramped!
Here's a photo of the space without the rocker. 

So, for now, I'm living with the chair in the living room (first photo).
I'll take some time to mull it over before making a decision.
Cozy or cramped?

I still think that rocking chair looks welcoming and cozy!

I'd love to know what you think.


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  1. Well, I love that first photo of the living room! But I know about cramped. We have a very small living room and too much furniture which we fill up with family all the time. I know it doesn't look right but everybody else loves it! LOL! Your place is looking fabulous! You just can't go wrong here.

  2. Since you asked..... how about moving the small desk to the living area, (take the current table home), move the wicker chair to the bedroom. To me, the rocker in the living area gives it a very cozy feel and functional with that lovely view. The wicker chair seems to take up a lot of room so it isn't my favorite. I actually would go for a smaller chair for the bedroom room or even a wood bench. Those are my thoughts.

  3. I love it but, i do understand compromise, it's really not too cramped, right. I bought a lot before i retired not really having a chance to sit down and really pay attention, now since retirement, i have been down sizing. Know you will get it figured out.

  4. I just love your cabin and I'm so happy for you and your husband! Mountain cabins are supposed to be cozy, right! I find both chairs bring a coziness to the room and when your neighbors come to visit, you won't have to drag furniture from room to room. Of course it's a fun "problem" to have and before any hard feelings arise, a flip of the coin can settle it! :).

  5. I'm liking the rocking chair in the living room just fine.
    However, I am one also that likes the feeling of cramped with
    things I love around me.

  6. I would experiment and move the furniture around a little. My first thought was that the chair to your new desk in the bedroom looks a little large. What about a backless stool with that cushion. Or if the chair is not valuable, cut off the back and just sand the posts into a rounded look like the front. Then you could tuck the stool under the table when not using it. As far as the back goes, I can’t imagine you’ll be sitting there for hours.

    Also, I don’t have an answer for the living room except that the rocking chair is not only a pleasure to rock in, but it has memories,,which are important. I hope you are able to keep it there. It’s the epitome of cozy.

  7. I love your little desk! It is perfect and so charming sitting there next to the window. I also think the rocking chair looks very cozy in the living room. You cabin is so lovely.

    1. I agree. I love your new desk. The rocking chair looks good in the living room.

  8. I love the rocking chair in the living room. I don't think it looks too cramped. As long as you can walk around the furniture and open the door it is fine.

  9. We live in a 1930s home, so our rooms are cozy. I tend to like that. I'd leave the rocker in the living room. It offers another option for sitting should you have guests or just want to sit and rock. I tend to have a rocking chair in multiple rooms, because I like to rock. All said though, I know about compromise. We have to pick our battles. 😊

  10. I like the rocker in the living room. It gives the room balance to me. Having said that only you can decide if it is worth a compromise. Your cabin is coming together so beautifully.

  11. Just a thought the table in the bedroom looks smaller than the one in the livingroom have you tried trading them out? That might give you more room in the livingroom . . . I really like the two chairs, but if it is only going to be the two of you there, then you really don't need both. Also one table could function as table and writing desk. I adore your little charming touches and that checked sofa is so pretty. Your cabin is not only cozy, but truly a little gem.
    Happy Camping.
    Connie :)

  12. It’s a very charming cabin. I think that when in doubt, decide what is useful. Will the rocking chair provide more utility than other pieces in the cabin?

  13. Your place is adorable and has so much potential. l have a thought that might work but it depends on whether the sofa MUST stay where it is or not. Have you thought of putting it under the front window with a chair on either side? Then you could add a tiny coffee table and perhaps use that long table as an island on other side closer to the kitchen. Since the kitchen area isn't visible this might be absolutely out of the question but who knows, right? Try everything until one works l always say! Have fun and please share the result!

  14. I, too, like the pressed back rocking chair in the living room but wonder why there needs to be a table between the two rockers? The sewing machine table is within reach of your father's rocker after all. If the small table between the chairs was taken away, the room would have a better traffic pattern.

    I do think you need some 2nd chair in addition to the couch for company seating. Seems to me that the wicker rocking chair requires too much space for your cabin unless you two really love it and/or it's really comfortable.

    Have fun choosing what to do!

  15. I think if you're really only having two of you there on a regular basis you can probably do with less seating. I think also with the cabin it's good to bear in mind possibly a different decorating style might work as far as using less stuff. You have such great old wood on the cabin walls and windows that I think in a cabin setting less is more. You're really there to be in the cabin and see nature so maybe less stuff inside would be a good thing but that's a battle you two will have to work out haha!

  16. You have lots of great suggestions from your readers, Pat. Try them all! For me, the stand-out is the desk at the window. I don't have to be in a beautiful spot to write, but why not?

  17. Cozy and perfect. I love it! Cheryl

  18. what about cutting down. the sides of the writing desk under the window, making the table smaller. more room for the rocking chair. gorgeous view

  19. I think it’s coxy and beautiful. Love your little touches around your rooms and your desk is perfect under the window. Thank you so much for sharing it with us at the TFT party.

  20. Your cabin décor is absolutely perfect! Perfectly cozy!!!
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!

  21. Hi Pat! How fun to have a "tour" of your cabin! It is fun to see the suggestions that other folks have offered for moving furniture, etc. Congratulations for being featured over at "Amaze Me Monday" blog party.

  22. I like the rocker in the living room but understand the differences in styling preferences. My husband has other preferences than me some times but mostly lets me have free reign since he knows I'd be really sad if he didn't! I'm sure you'll come up with the right solution. Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm. xo Kathleen | Our Hopeful Home

  23. To me the table under the living room window is too large for the space. Two chairs and a small couch seem right for seating needs. Just try moving things around until you have that ahh moment. The small bookcase by the door isn’t serving a function. Try removing it. You’ll have more visual and walking space then. The rocker will seem less crowded.

  24. I think it's cozy with the rocking chair! It would only be cramped if you were entertaining, and then you could just move it for a while. I love your cabin! Thanks so much for sharing at Thursday Favorite Things!

  25. I like the 2 chair choice. It balances out the room. I downsized to full time living in a vintage farmhouse that is 570 sq ft. My motto on my blog is- Sunny, Simple life. My friends tell me that while they love my little farmhouse cottage I have not gotten to the "simple" part yet. I like to surround myself with things and decor that feel cozy and homey. I have a rule that if anything new comes in for my house, then I have to get rid of FIVE things and that keeps me from shopping. I have enough stuff to switch things in and out so I won't get bored. You might consider using lots of mirrors in your cabin. It tricks the eye into making it look larger. You can always layer a picture over a mirror if need be. Blessings.