Friday, March 9, 2018

Bring Spring Indoors

Are you ready for Spring? I sure am. 
This week we had some amazing 70 degree weather and 
I just had to go outside and start cleaning up the winter garden. 
I know we could, and probably will, get a heavy wet Spring snowstorm but I just couldn't wait. 

The end of winter is in sight.
I'm definitely dreaming of Spring and so is Roxy.  
The first day of Spring is only two weeks away!

I love bringing touches of Spring indoors in anticipation of the awakening of Spring outside. 
This lilac bush on my street is sprouting bright green buds . . . 

and tulips are pushing their way up out of the ground to bask in the sun. 

The backyard birds are beginning their courtship dances and building their nests. 
It's the best time for birdwatching. 

Here's a beautiful nest from last season with some faux eggs. 
The funniest cartoon I ever saw was two birds in a nest, the male returning with a twig in its beak. She says, "You're NOT going to put that there, are you?" 
Mine kind of gal!

So, are you ready? Let's bring some of that rejuvenating Spring energy into our homes. 
A green plant evokes nature and warm days to come. 
I overwintered this little fern inside and amazingly did not kill it. 

More greenery with galvanized garden items. I'm so ready to play in the dirt.

Can you believe I found this beautiful Spring pillow in my alley, neatly wrapped in plastic.

I love how it brightens up a room with my little garden frog.

This old sheet music is for a tune called "Chickadee." 
I almost feel like the watering can is trumpeting the song. 

It won't be long before the daffodils are blooming. 

Meanwhile, we can bring Spring indoors with a light fresh touch
of buds and branches. 

Is it Spring yet where you live?


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  1. Spring is starting beautifully where you live! I live in the mountains of NC are we are getting some cherry blossoms, forsythia, daffodils etc blooming.

    1. Thank you for commenting Penny. Love to hear what's popping up in NC. Hugs, Pat

  2. How exciting to see new growth coming up out of the ground after a cold winter.

    What a great find the pillow was too, just waiting for you to give it a lovely new home.

    Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

    1. Thanks Lorraine! Yes, this is definitely my favorite season. I'm ready for something to grow! Hugs, Pat

  3. Thanks, can't hardly wait for all those pretty flowers to bloom, it is 70 right now but i think it's suppose to get cooler again, but i will take those spring like days when i can. You always find the neatest stuff, do your fingers tingle when you know your getting near something exciting,lol!? That pillow is all about spring,so lovely.

    1. Thanks Marlene! We went for our weekly alley walk today and found a really pretty metal table. Yes, fingers are tingling! Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs, Pat

  4. Souhaits de printemps! Lisa From Sweet Tea N' Salty Air

  5. Love Spring. Our patio is packed with spring flowers so we have to enjoy them while they last before summer. In AZ the beautiful spring flowers all go away until next spring. Great cushion, spring all year long (indoors).

    1. Thanks for visiting Ann! I imagine it must be so nice in AZ about now, with Spring putting on a show. Have a great weekend. Hugs, Pat

  6. Heading in the other direction here in the southern hemishpere! Still appreciating lovely weather and able to swim in the sea, but cooler, damper weather on its way. I can feel your anticipation and am happy for you!

    1. Thank you Catherine! I love hearing from you and knowing you're so far away. I forgot you'd be headed for Fall and cooler weather. Does it snow there? Enjoy the nice weather while you can. Hugs, Pat

  7. wierd people throwing things away. Do you live in a wealthy neighborhood? most people donate nice items, good score for you

    1. Thanks Nancy! I'm answering your comment twice (don't know why the first one didn't print). Nope, we live in an old neighborhood of little bungalows but the alleys are a great source of cool stuff. Enjoy your weekend. Hugs, Pat

  8. Hi Sister, I will probably be the last reply on this post. I am running a little late. My computer has been giving me fits again. Since we talked today you know all about our weather here. I agree with Nancy that you live in a wealthy neighborhood. Believe me we don't get those kind of items here. Good for you.

  9. The trees and the daffodils are blooming here in Atlanta. Tulips are close behind but so is the pollen. We had some warm weather but it is cooler again now.

  10. I just love all those signs of spring! Sadly, we're getting a foot or so of snow tonight so the only signs of spring I have have to be indoors.

  11. Pat, Spring is my favorite season. I love the renewal it brings! Its been nice enough here the last two days that I spent time in the garden doing spring clean up. Feels so good to get my hands into that dirt! :) I have decked our porch out for spring and have a few early plants starting to bloom. Love that pillow. can't believe that you found it in your alley. Thanks for sharing with SYC.