Friday, December 29, 2017

Welcome Winter

It's hard to believe but, as I write this post, it's the first day of winter
and we FINALLY have snow! 
Perfect timing, right?
Although it's only a couple of inches, this fluffy coating of white 
transforms the garden into a frosty wintry scene.

Inside the house, I use a lot of white in my decor. 
Maybe that's why I love the look of the first snow
before it gets all dirty and sloppy.

Roxy loves it too
or maybe she's just keeping an eye on that sneaky mailman!

It's been so dry this year, even the ski resorts have been hurting. 
Some of them have delayed their openings due to lack of snow. 
Of course, our mountains are getting a lot more snow from this storm
than we are in the city so hopefully the skiers are happy.

(photo Vail Resort)

Back to the winter garden, the white stuff makes even simple things beautiful.

And magical.

Now, as the snow floats through the crisp air, it's quiet and peaceful. 
Construction on a nearby house has stopped and traffic on our slippery street has slowed down. 
I could get used to this. 

I only hear the scraping sounds of people shoveling snow from their sidewalks 
and a few Canada geese headed out of town overhead. 

The weather forecasters say temperatures will stay in the teens and low 20s 
so we're hoping the snow will stick around these next few days.

Weather Update:  Yes! We had more snow over the weekend
and a white Christmas!

I've never seen Roxy more excited!
Christmas chaos!

We wish you all a very Happy and Peaceful New Year.



  1. It's always so quiet when it snows, we had a few flakes but nothing you could see on the ground. Roxie is so cute,and i am sure lots of company for you guys. Have a wonderful New Year and thanks for all the things you shared.

  2. May you and yours have a wonderful 2018.

    No snow in FL. In the low 70's today and tonight it's supposed to get down to around 61. Colder the beginning of next week, which will be nice.


  3. Hope your holiday was joyous and 2018 is terrific.

  4. No snow, but it is definitely winter here. I fear the garden will be a combination of mush and crunch when all is said and done. Some things are covered, but doubt that helps a great deal with this prolonged deep freeze. Mother Nature is in control. Happy 2018! Enjoy the winter season!

  5. Hi Pat,
    Thank you for linking up at Create, Bake, Grow & Gather this week and throughout 2017. I've thoroughly enjoyed all your projects and hope you'll continue to share your awesomeness with us in 2018.
    May your New Year be filled with lots of creative endeavours!!
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne

  6. I love a garden sleeping peacefully in the winter with a dusting of snow blanketing it... Happy new year to you as well! :)

  7. Pat, snow truly is a magical carpet of white! We had snow Christmas Eve, but it's long melted and we have none. Our ski resorts are suffering as well. Hubby and I drove up our local canon the other day and there's not even much up there. Nothing like a beautiful snowy sleeping garden! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  8. Pat, I agree that a blanket of snow makes simple things enchanting! Thank you for sharing your lovely photos at Vintage Charm!