Friday, October 9, 2015

French Cowboy Style

Although my first love is French Country, I'm still drawn to the southwest.
My sunroom is a mix of Vintage, Native American and Cowboy styles.
Maybe I'll call this style French Cowboy!

Yep, they do have cowboys in the Camarque region of the South of France.
They ride beautiful white horses and herd distinctive black bulls.

I didn't have an opportunity to take any pictures of these French cowboys
when I was in France but
I loved this white horse galloping on a carousel in Paris.

But I digress.
Back to the sunroom.

There's something about a black raven decoy wearing silver jewelry
against a rustic turquoise cabinet that makes my heart sing.

Or the worn leather and metal on old spurs.

We love our rustic sunroom in the Fall with its little gas stove
making it cozy and warm on cool mornings.
It's the perfect place to display my southwestern/vintage collection.

This room has an interesting history. 
One wall is the original 1907 exterior of the house that included a tiny back porch.
The other wall was created in the 70's when a former owner expanded the porch
to create a small room.
We replaced the leaky windows with energy-efficient ones
when carpenter ants completely destroyed that wall.
I kid you not. Stay tuned for that horror story in a future post.

This vintage Beacon blanket, with its Native America designs and Fall colors, 
adds warmth and nubby texture to the room.

The sweet Begay Indian prints on the wall are collectible.

Antlers and art -- a striking mix of nature and man.

I've been collecting little cowboy boots for years. I have about fifty pair!
(Stored in vintage suitcases).
I usually find them at a thrift store for a couple of dollars but 
if they're in a Santa Fe shop, forget it. They can go for a LOT more.
Love the stitching and scuffed toes!

An earthy blend of textures fills an old leather desk organizer.

This little basket was always on our dinner table when I was growing up. 
We never had a meal without sliced white bread in the basket. It must be about 75 years old.
The basket, not the bread! 
I think my mother bought the basket at a roadside stand in Arizona in the 40's.

The hand-made candle holder is from the Taos Pueblo. 
There is something sparkly in the clay and the candle makes it come alive.

We found this old adobe brick mold in a dump in Taos, New Mexico.
It makes a perfect shelf for some of my collectibles.

Zuni buffalo and coyote fetishes seem to pay homage to the female form.
I love the way the sun is shining on her.

I'm not sure how to blend this style with French Country so I corral it all into one room.
A pretty grapevine basket with dried hydrangeas and other Fall touches
looks pretty in any room and with any style.


  1. I, too, corral all of my cowboy, farm, western, Indian stuff on my screened back porch. But, in the winter I have to put some of it away from the Colorado elements. Love your room -- the wicker and all of the wonderful accessories. Sally

    1. Thanks for your kind words Sally! We Colorado gals have to stick together! Pat

  2. So enjoyed the mix of all your treasures.

  3. I agree, if you love it, mix it in. Your collection of little cowboy boots makes me smile. I think it's a great idea! I like the texture, the stitching, and the worn patina. ;-)

    1. Thank you Sarah! Cowboy boots make me smile too. Thanks for stopping by.

    2. Thank you Sarah! Cowboy boots make me smile too. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Hi Pat, I have to say this has been my favorite post yet. The country, cowboy feeling really touches a spot in my heart. Great pictures and writing. I love the way you mix things up. Let me know if you get this post. OK?

  5. As a lover of New Mexico and the style found there, I really like the way you've decorated with your pieces. I live in Texas and felt that putting my NM souvenirs in the open just wouldn't look right. I was thinking of corralling them into one small display cabinet. But you've shown that it doesn't have to be that way. Love your porch !!

    1. Hi Patty! I dream of going to Round Top sometime. Lucky you to be in Texas. New Mexico is my second home. Enjoy your treasures. Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Your sitting room looks so comfy, the fire so inviting! And I totally agree with you, one does not have to limit themselves to just one style. Mesh away!

  7. Love all your boots-I grew up wearing cowgirl boots on our horse ranch

    1. Thanks DD! Sounds like a perfect childhood. I dreamed of having a horse!